Sept. 11-13 RCMP calls

The following is a synopsis of calls for service for the Swift Current RCMP for the dates indicated:


5:35 PM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on the caller's minor son who resides with his grandparents. Officers attended the residence & confirmed the son was in good health & had just registered for school.

6:00 PM - report of a suspicious red Chrysler Intrepid in the parking lot of a location on the O block of 6th Avenue NE. The caller stated the vehicle has been parked there all day. Officers attended the location of the vehicle & confirmed it was not stolen & advised the caller that a property rep for the location could have the vehicle towed if they no longer wanted it there.

6:29 PM - report of a collision with a deer on the #1 Highway. The caller advised the deer had taken off & that their vehicle was still drivable as the damage caused was minor. The caller was sent a statement form by Detachment staff to complete & will be provided a police file number for insurance.

8:08 PM - report of approximately six youth inside the construction zone on the 900 block of Chaplin Street E. Officers attended the area & located five youth who were given verbal warnings about staying out of the construction area.

8:32 PM - report of a bicycle outside the caller's residence on the 100 block of 8th Avenue NE. The bicycle has been there the last three days & doesn't belong to the caller. The caller believes the bicycle was stolen & then left on his property. Officers attended the area at a later time to retrieve it & the bicycle was no longer there.

9:40 PM - report of loud neighbours outside on the 300 block of 4th Avenue SE. Officers attended the residence where a birthday party was being held in the yard . Officers advised party goers of the noise complaint received & asked for them to take it inside or be more quiet.

9:49 PM - report of a male causing damage to the caller's rental property. The caller was making the call on behalf of a female who resides at the property. Officers attended the residence & spoke to both the male & female at the property, both intoxicated, who confirmed they had gotten into an argument. There was no physical altercation between the two & no property had been damaged. Both parties agreed to go their separate ways for the night to sober up.

10:31 PM - report of an intoxicated male leaving an establishment on the 100 block of North Service Road E. in a grey Ford F150. Officers made patrols for the vehicle & located it parked on Central Avenue N. with no occupants inside the vehicle. The caller was unable to confirm whether the male had driven or left in a different vehicle.

11:10 PM - report of a noisy party with loud music on the 900 block of Sidney Street W. Officers attended the residence & could hear loud music coming from a garage that had it's door up & windows open. Officers located six individuals sitting around a fire pit in the yard & asked for the music to be turned down & they complied .

11 :35 PM - 911 call of an argument on 11th Avenue NW. The caller advised he & some friends had been driving around with Halloween masks on earlier & they were confronted by an unknown male in a business parking lot. The caller then saw the male again in the middle of the road on 11th Avenue NW where another verbal altercation ensued & the male left the area. No physical assault occurred & no threats were made other than "an offer to fight". Officers made patrols butwere unable to locate the male to speak to him about what occurred.


1 :28 PM - 911 call of a domestic assault at an establishment on the 900 block of Central Avenue N. The caller stated that a male & female who are both intoxicated are physically fighting inside the location. The fight was taken outside & now both individuals are outside waiting for a cab but the altercation is escalating & the female was choked. Officers attended the establishment & the female insisted she was not assaulted but staff had witnessed what occured. 54 year old Arthur Nowroski of Calgary, Alberta was charged with one count of overcoming resistance to the commission of an indictable offence & one count of assault. Nowroski was held in police custody & appeared in Swift Current Provincial Court on

September 14, 2020.

9:05 AM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on the caller's friend after seeing a cryptic post on social media &

knowing the friend stuggles with mental health concerns. The caller has been messaging & calling the individual but gets

no answer or response. Police located the individual at his residence who advised he was okay & apologized about the

post as it was not his intent to self harm or upset others.

1 :02 PM - report of two cellphones being stolen by a female known to the caller the night prior. This matter is still under


3:41 PM - report of a deceased deer behind a business on the 1300 block of North Service Road E. The City of Swift Current was contacted for disposal of the deceased animal.

4:21 PM - report of the caller's cart full of groceries being stolen after leaving it by the front entrance of a business on the1800 block of Memorial Drive to go retrieve her vehicle. When the caller returned to the entrance the cart was gone. Police determined a customer had noticed the cart & took it inside to the customer service desk. The cart of groceries was returned to the proper owner & nothing had been stolen from it.

5:38 PM - report of a silver Mercedes Benz SUV driving erratically into the city & almost hitting a van . The caller stated when she passed the vehicle an older male was driving & the caller could see a cellphone on the dash in front of him & the vehicle ended up on Walsh Trail. Officers made patrols but were unable to locate the vehicle.


10:20 AM - received call from a female who advised she's been struggling with not being able to sleep & has been abusing alcohol. When asked how much she had to drink this morning the female stated she'd had three drinks & then hung up on call takers. Officers decided to conduct a wellbeing check on the female caller after she disconnected the call. Officers attended the caller's residence where she told police she was going to a friend's house to sleep & then planned on seeking out some help.

11 :49 AM - report of a residential alarm on the 300 block of 8th Avenue NE. Officers attended the residence & located two males, neither being the home owner, speaking on the front lawn. Police learned that the one male had been contacted about the alarm & attended the property & the other was a neighbour whose cat had gotten out & found it in the garage

tripping the alarm in doing so. Officers spoke with the home owner whose advised he had no issues with the neighbour being in the garage & the alarm was disabled.

2: 16 PM - report of a hit & run to the caller's white Dodge Ram while parked in a parking lot on the 500 block of North Service Road E. There are no witnesses or suspects.

3:50 PM - report of a two vehicle collision in the parking lot of a location on the 1100 block of Central Avenue N. A brown Chevrolet Equinox & a black Hyundai Santa Fe collided in the parking lot after pulling into the same parking spot. No one

was injured as a result of the collision however the equinox required a tow. No charges were laid.

7: 15 PM - report of the caller being threatened by another male approximately an hour prior. The caller told police he had been stopped by a male on the street who told him he needed to drive slower in the area & if he didn't he was going to "kick his ass". The caller did not wish to have the matter pursued more than having the male spoken to. Officers spoke to the the male who was given a verbal warning about stopping vehicles on the street.

8:40 PM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on a male who said some concerning things to the caller. Officers attended the male's residence. He was home & feeling well. There were no concerns about self harm & the male advised police he knew where to get help should he need it.

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