On April 30 at approximately 3:30 p.m., members of the Redcliff Integrated Traffic Unit were conducting patrols of Highway 1, Cypress County, when a member observed a vehicle approaching him at a high rate of speed travelling in the same direction. 

The suspect vehicle’s speed was confirmed by RADAR to be travelling 178 km/h in the posted 110 km/h zone.  The member activated his emergency lights and the suspect vehicle continued past the fully marked police vehicle at the high rate of speed and continued for approximately 2 minutes before pulling over and stopping.

Upon stopping the vehicle, the driver provided a sample of breath under the Mandatory Alcohol Screening on the Approved Screening Device which resulted in a “Fail”.  The driver could not produce a licence as it was suspended, and the vehicle did not have valid insurance. The driver was transported to the Redcliff Detachment where subsequent breath tests resulted in readings at more than double the statutory limit of 80 milligrams in 100 millilitres of blood.

As a result, a 42 year-old male from Medicine Hat was charged with the following offences:

·         S.320.14(1)(a) Criminal Code – Operation of a conveyance while Impaired

·         S.320.14(1)(b) Criminal Code – Operation of a conveyance while having 80 milligrams of alcohol or more in 100 millilitres of blood.

·         S.94(2) Traffic Safety Act – Drive while unauthorized

·         S.54(1)(a) Traffic Safety Act – Driver Uninsured motor vehicle on highway

·         S.115(2)(p) Traffic Safety Act - Speeding

The vehicle was impounded for 60 days and his licence further suspended.

The male was released from custody and is scheduled to appear in Medicine Hat Court on May 22.  Charges have yet to be sworn.

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