A dash of "Taste of Maple Creek"  mixed with "Heritage Festival" mixes to create new event

Simon Yang (right) of Maple Creek’s Cypress Pizza and Chicken serves slices of pizza during a Taste of Maple Creek years ago. The culinary event showcased the best food served by the community’s restaurants. 

As in many communities, Maple Creek had many of their major event cancelled due to restriction caused by the pandemic but the southwest will soon get a chance to get that taste of Maple Creek heritage again. 

Preliminary plans has the community on August 21 to host an event called “Celebrate with Maple Creek". It has been a combined effort to get the idea off the ground but helping to lead the charge is Town of Maple Creek’s Communications & Tourism Manager Savannah Mass. That day was chosen because that’s when the Taste of Maple Creek normally would have happened, but with the uncertainty revolving around Covid-19-related restrictions, it has to be postponed for 2021. 

This “Celebrate with Maple Creek" is a hybrid idea.

“In a way it is completely new. We haven't done anything like this before,” explains Mass. “I guess in comparison-wise it is similar to be our Heritage Festival, but also a dash of our Taste of Maple Creek too. It's kind of a mishmash but it is something.”

Mass says the idea was tossed around by those in the area and everyone agreed they needed to get something going. She was happy with how quickly the day was created. 

“We are trying to think of things to do, we were spit balling some ideas,” explains Mass adding the excitement for hosting something has been encouraging. “So (recently) I sent out letters to all of our community groups like our churches, museums, restaurants, anyone who participated in our Heritage Festivals, Our Taste of Maple Creeks. I just invited them and called it a community leaders’ meeting. We met July 6 at the Town Hall. We just touched base and see where everyone was in regard to planning events and see what could be combined into one larger events and to open that door of collaboration between different groups. It went really well actually and was really happy with the turnout.”

The pandemic is on everyone’s mind. With the Heritage Festival being cancelled for this and would’ve been held in early July they are more than aware , everything could change on a dime. 

“We do have some backup plans, I guess, on the magic day on the 11th, that … perhaps that we are going to put restrictions back on, you know we have backup plans for what we can do still hat day so that we have something that could still be Covid-safe and the physical distancing as well so hopefully we don't have to do that but if need be we can,” explains Mass.

Everyone seems to be excited about it and Mass is too. More details will be forthcoming as organization unfolds.

For more information on the event, contact the Visitor Centre at 306-662-4005 or tourism@maplecreek.ca

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