Lethbridge's Toby and Bernadine Boulet in Maple Creek Feb. 29

The Good Foundation is trying to make a difference in the southwest part of Saskatchewan. It is a registered charity organization which has its ties in Maple Creek and surrounding area.  Much of the work involves education and attention to social and mental health issues. Their mantra is to provide “support for grief, bereavement and loss.”

On February 29, they are hosting a prime rib buffet fundraising banquet at the Maple Creek Armoury, with a couple of high profile guest speakers who know something of doing some good for others.

Lethbridge's Toby and Bernadine Boulet will be guest speakers. Their son, Logan, died as a result of the April 2018 Humboldt Broncos bus accident. Logan of course signed a donor card and because of this, he subsequently help save the lives of others. 

Tracy Bowie, one of the board members of the Good Foundation says the board is pleased to welcome them to Maple Creek. Their story fits well into the theme of the evening: “everyday heroes are all around us.”  

As part of the celebration of everyday heroes, people can submit the name of and a brief description of why that special someone (anyone) is their hero. Organizers would love to be able to recognize those people as part of the background of the event. A slideshow of these individuals will be displayed at the banquet. 

Bowie said the planning began in September 2019. She said they needed to get the word out more about The Good Foundation.

“We decided that a larger event, one perhaps that would allow us to bring awareness and act as an introduction to the community might be best,” explained Bowie. “As a member of the NAGC (National Alliance for Grieving Children), we were struck by this year’s theme for Children’s Grief Awareness Day (observed the third Thursday in November each year) of ‘Everyday Heroes’. When planning our annual event for this past November, we thought carrying over the theme to the banquet might just work as well. At that point, we knew we’d like to approach the Boulets. 

“By signing his organ donor card - something each and every one of us has the opportunity to do - and by thinking of how he could help others, even at an age where the actuality of that seemed so far off in the future, really is the essence of an ‘Everyday Hero.’ One doesn’t have to be famous or wealthy, just have the desire to think of the greater good. He couldn’t have known of the impact he would have. It was just the right thing to do, for him, and he followed through with action.”

The banquet will feature a silent auction, 50/50 draw and a door prize. 

But the benefit will be able to learn an extraordinary story about selflessness and the ultimate gift of life coming from a horrifically tragic story for so many across the prairies, but also Canada and the sports world.

“The banquet provides the opportunity to acknowledge that hope and joy also walk hand in hand with loss. When I say that, I am thinking of the other side to Logan’s selflessness, to the six families who likely felt those emotions upon hearing the news, in addition to all those who saw the registered organ donor numbers increase day after day. I believe they all would agree that Logan’s small act created a large impact,” explained Bowie. “We would, of course, like to have a sell-out event. Not only because the funds generated for The Good Foundation Inc. will allow us to continue with our community education, expand the number of support groups we offer, or help us along the road to establishing ourselves as a registered site of the Rainbows for All Children Canada program; but because we want the people of Maple Creek and surrounding areas to take full advantage of the opportunity to show the Boulets our support for them, for the Humboldt Broncos, those who perished and those who live with the experience daily. We wore our jerseys; we put our sticks out; when the wounds were fresh. Now it’s time to show we haven’t forgotten. The grief is still there but so is the love, the sense of community, our community. They are not alone.”

Those who wish to contribute a submission describing an everyday hero must do so by Jan. 31. Email to wisewmnsk@gmail.com or drop off at Cowtown Kids Toys and Candy. 

Tickets for the actual event are $50 each. Doors open at 5 p.m.; appetizers at 5:30 p.m. with a cash bar. Contact Bowie at 306-558-4408 or text Lena Blakley 306-661-0317.

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