Weekend calls for service

The following is a synopsis of calls for service for the dates indicated for the Swift Current RCMP (July 19-21)

JULY 19 

4:46 PM - report of threats being made from a male to his wife after she recently dissolved the marriage. This matter is still under investigation

5:44 PM - 911 call of a collision involving a vehicle hitting a pedestrian. Police attended the location along with the Fire Department & EMS where they learned a female youth on a skateboard was coming down 2nd Avenue N.E. at a high rate of speed, went through a stop sign & hit a red Chevrolet S10 travelling on Sidney Street. The female was transported to hospital by EMS for evaluation & was later released with minor injuries. This matter is still under investigation

8:08 PM - report of three boys throwing something off the 2nd Avenue overpass. Police made patrols & were able to locate the three boys who confirmed they had thrown a small stick off the bridge

8:40 PM - report of a possible controlled substance being in a home where children are present. The complainant wanted the information documented. Social services was notified of the complaint. 

10:12 PM - report of a possibly suicidal individual. Police located the individual at their home & confirmed their wellbeing. The individual had no plans for self harm

10:21 PM - report of a group of males fighting in the street on the 200 block of Gladstone Street W . & there is lots of yelling that can be heard. Some of the males took off in an unknown vehicle prior to police arrival. Police attended the area & there was no one in the street. Police made a traffic stop on a vehicle leaving the area & spoke to the vehicle occupants who confirmed they had been involved & the argument had started over a card game. No physical violence had occurred

10:49 PM - report of a male contacting the caller by phone &yelling at him &calling him names. The caller believes the male may be at his mother's residence & the male is on Court ordered conditions not to be in contact with his mother. Police attended the mother residence & confirmed the male was not there. Police were able to determine the male was in another city & was located at home & given a warning about the phone calls he was making & was told to cease communication

JULY 20 

1:03 AM - report of suspicious vehicles parked near the tennis courts at a park on 6th Avenue S.E. & two males walking around the area between the vehicles & some tents set up in the area. Police attended the area & located the males, one who advi~ed he was responsible for the tents & was just checking on them

2:29 AM - request to locate the caller's husband who is a truck driver & believed to be in the city. The caller was supposed to call her husband at 1 AM & wake him up but he is not answering his phone. The male was located by Swift Current Rural Detchment at a gas station on the out skirts of the city & told to contact his wife & let her know he's okay

3:09 AM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a red Honda Civic for operating a motor vehicle without valid registration for the vehicle

7:17 AM - report of an alarm at a business on the 1100 block of Central Avenue N. Officers attended the location & determined the alarm to be false. A store manager was on scene to open the business

10:42 AM - report of the caller's child being pushed by her grandmother. This matter is still under investigation

1:30 PM - report of a dog being left & barking in a red Honda Element in a parking lot of a business on the 1800 block of Memorial Drive. Police attended the location & located the animal & it's owner. The windows of the vehicle had been left down & the dog did have water. The owner was given a verbal warning by police about the dangers of leaving animals in vehicles on hot summer days

3:22 PM - report of someone driving a motorcycle up & down Ridgeview Street speeding. The caller was unable to get a plate number for the motorcycle. The caller was concerned because there are children that live in the area. The caller was going to speak to the motorcyclist since it was a neighbour but wanted police aware & would contact the Detachment again if any further concerns arose

3:28 PM - report of a two males shooting guns out of the back of a grey truck on the 2100 block of Oman Drive. The caller believed the males were shooting at gophers but it looked like it was towards the road. Police attended the area & located the males who were employees of the business they were on, shooting gophers with pellet guns. Police determined that it was safe for the males to be shooting with pellet guns in the area but disussed alternative options for getting rid of gophers

5:23 PM - report of a white Ford F150 leaving a business on the 300 block of North Service Road W . without paying for their fuel. This matter is still under investigation

8:30 PM - report of a large group of intoxicated males at a location on the 300 block of North Service Road W . & staff are concerned they may drive impaired. Police attended the location & gave everyone warnings about driving under the influence of alcohol. All the males remained at the location until they were picked up

9:48 PM - report of an alarm at a business on the Oblock of Central Avenue N. The alarm was cancelled & police were no longer required

10:38 PM - report of an abandoned vehicle in the parking lot of a business on the 700 block of South Service Road E. Police were provided the plate number & confirmed that the vehicle was not stolen

10:55 PM - report of the caller's friend's mother being threatened by another female at her reisdence with a knife. The female had been asked to leave multiple times but she refused . Police attended the location & the female had left prior to police arrival. This matter is still under investigation

JULY 21 

12:00 AM - while on patrol officers conducted a check on a male who is on a court ordered curfew. The male was not home. The male was located & arrested the following day where upon search of the male police located a small amount of drugs on him. The male will be charged with four counts of breaching his probation order under the Criminal Code & one count of possession of a schedule I substance under the Controlled Drugs & Susbtances Act. 

2:09 AM - 911 call from a female stating that a male is trying to kick her out of his vehicle after they had been travelling together & gotten into an argument. Police attended the location & both parties were seperated to prevent further issues. The female advised she would be going home & would no longer be travelling with the male

2:56 AM - 911 call from a female stating that someone had been pounding on her door with what sounds like a chisel trying to enter the caller's residence on the Oblock of 5th Avenue N.E. but when she checked no one was there. Police made patrols of the area & did not locate anything susipicious. The door to the caller's residence was checked & showed no damage. Police did note that there was lots of banging coming from the train yard where staff were working

5:31 AM - while on patrol officers located an adult male & a male youth in a black Honda Civic consuming marijuana & alcohol. The males were charged under the Cannabis Control Act & the Alcohol & Gaming Regulations Act. 

8:53 AM - report from a male stating his child is with his ex-girlfriend's brother & he does not feel that is a safe environment for his child. In speaking with the caller he stated that the child was supposed to be with him that day & when his ex-girlfriend didn't show up he found out that the child was spending the day with her brother. The male was instructed to get in touch with a lawyer to make arrangements to have a custody order put in place

1:32 PM - report of a hit being put out on the caller's family & his own life. The caller stated that his surrogate had been attacked in Calgary after finding out she was associated to the caller through social media & the female was now in their custody. Police attended the caller's residence & seized a machette after the caller admitted he hadn't been taking his medications & felt unsafe keeping the item in his home. Police followed up with Calgary Police Service who confirmed that no attack had been reported to them & they did not have the female in their custody. This matter is still under investigation

1:33 PM - report of a male trying to serve a tenant with a rental agreement & the tenant was getting upset with him as there is a language barrier & he wanted police to attend to assist so he can serve the document. The male was advised to have a third party attend or request the Court Sherrif serve the document. 

1:52 PM - 911 call from a male stating he'd just been assaulted by his brother at his residence on the 800 block of North Railway Street E. while trying to move. Police attended the residence & the brother had left prior to police arrival. The male on scene advised that he had been using his brother's trailer to move & was punched by his one sibling & then both brother's emptied the trailer & took off. The caller decided that he did not want anything done by police & was simply worked up & angry about what had transpired. No criminal charges were laid in relation to the incident. 

2:06 PM - report of a missing four year old from a backyard on the 300 block of 6th Avenue N.W . The caller advised that his wife, the child's mother was out driving around looking for him. Police attended the area & within minutes the mother returned to the residence with the child who was located a couple blocks from his residence

4:35 PM - report of tenants in her building not allowing her to put her property in storage after having permission from the landlord. The caller was advised this was a civil matter & police would not be getting involved. Once told this the caller made a comment to police about harming herself. Police are very familiar with the caller & believed the comment was made in an attempt to get police to solve her storage problem. The caller was left in the care of a good friend for the night & was advised to contact police if there are further concerns

6:36 PM - report of threats being made to the caller by two males who say they will harm him if he doesn't break up with his girlfriend. This matter is still under investigation

7:38 PM - report of an attempted on line scam where the caller received an e-mail claiming they had been watching her through her camera on her laptop & they will post things of her online if she doesn't give them money. Police attended the caller's residence & confirmed the e-mail was a scam. No money had be exchanged

7:49 PM - report of an alarm at a business located on the 1100 block of Central Avenue N. Police attended the location & noted that front door had not been closed properly. Police confirmed the no one was in the building while they waited for a keyholder to attend who locked up the building

8:24 PM - report of a possible impaired driver. The caller saw a black Ford Ranger pull up on the 400 block of 3rd Avenue N.E. hitting the curb & then a male got out of the driver's side of the vehicle & was stumbling so much that he barely made it into the residence. Police made patrols but were unable to locate anyone driving the vehicle

9:32 PM - report of the caller's ex-husband being in her residence dropping off their children while she is out of town. The caller does not have any kind of agreement in place & the home is considered his address as well but she just doesn't want him in the home. Police advised the caller that this was a civil matter & that she would need to speak to a lawyer in regards to marital property.

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