SC RCMP report

The following is a synopsis of calls for service for the Swift Current Municipal Detachment on dates indicated:


5:03 PM - report of a break & enter to the caller's residence where he saw his ex-wife leaving the area in a hurry. This matter is still under investigation. 

5:16 PM - report of a female "freaking out" in the parking lot of a location on the 2000 block of Saskatchewan Drive. While on the phone with the caller yelling & screaming could be heard in the background. Officers attended the location & mediated the situation with the female & caller who had been arguing. The female was picked up by a friend to prevent any further issues between the two of them. 

5:17 PM - 911 call of a suicidal individual. Police located the individual who was transported to hospital for evaluation. 

5:30 PM - report of blue gravel trucks speeding on Battleford Trail. The caller was advised police will make patrols of the area when able as well as in the future.

8:01 PM - report of a yellow Chevrolet Camara speeding on South Service Road E. Police were tied up on other priority 

matters but made patrols of the area later on, however were unable to locate the vehicle.

10:31 PM - report of eight to ten youth outside the caller's residence on the O-block of 8th Avenue N.E. yelling & swearing. 

Police made patrols of the area but did not locate any youth in the area.

11:50 PM - report of a possibly suicidal individual who left a location on the 2000 block of Saskatchewan Drive. Police were able to locate the individual who agreed to return to the hospital for evaluation. 

11:56 PM - 911 call of an intoxicated male who just kicked in the caller's door. The male is on conditions not to have contact with his ex-girlfriend who is in the residence. The caller stated the male keeps walking in & out of the residence making threats to them. Police attended the residence but the male had left prior to their arrival. Police were able to later locate & arrest the male. 25 year old Parker Mason of Swift Current has been charged with one count of mischief, one count of breaching a condition of his undertaking & one count of causing a disturbance under the Criminal Code. Mason was held in police custody & appeared in Swift Current Provincial Court Monday September 16. 


12:41 AM - report of a possible fight somewhere north of the caller's residence. The caller stated she can hear yelling & screaming but isn't sure where it is exactly coming from. Officers made patrols of the area but were unable to locate anyone in the area & no further calls were received in relation to this incident. 

7:43 AM - report of a bicycle in pieces throughout the caller's yard on the 300 block of Central Avenue S. Officers attended the caller's residence & picked up the bicycle which was placed into the Detachment lost & found. 

11:19 AM - report of an adult male in cardiac arrest. A 70 year old male was pronounced deceased at the scene prior to police arrival. The death has been deemed non-suspicious. 

12:57 PM - report of the suspect vehicle in a gas & dash in Shaunavon being in Swift Current. The caller stated he saw the media release sent out by Shaunavon RCMP involving a vehicle driving away from a location without paying for their fuel. The caller believes he has seen the two tone orange & blue car on the 1000 block of Lorne Street E. in the past. Officers made patrols of the area but the vehicle was not located. 

2:15 PM - report of the caller's husband , whom she is separating from leaving a firearm in a case along with some ammunition in the room he had been staying in prior to his moving out. Police attended & removed the items from the residence that were later picked up at the Detachment by the owner. 

4:26 PM - report of an alarm at a business located on the 1600 block of Cheadle Street W . Officers attended the business & confirmed the alarm to be false after ensuring all entrances to the business were secure. 

4:31 PM - report of a hit & run to the caller's black Honda Accord while parked on the 300 block of 4th Avenue N.E. There are no suspects or witnesses to the collision . 

9:42 PM - report of an alarm at a business on the O-block of Springs Drive. Police attended & confirmed the alarm to be false after ensuring the business was secure. 

11:58 PM - report of feminine pads being stuck the to the side of the caller's blue Dodge Challenger while it was parked on 1st Avenue N.E. This is the second time this has happened to the caller. This matter is still under investigation. 


1:10 AM - report of loud music coming from a residence on the 400 block of 1st Avenue N.E. Officers attended the residence & spoke to the homeowner who was told to turn the music down. 

11:00 AM - 911 call of a male known to the caller entering his residence & yelling at his girlfriend who was also in the residence after banging on the door. The male was yelling at the female because of a text message she had sent his mother. Police attended the location & were advised by the male that he had been hit in the back of the head by the female, which she denied. Neither party wished to have any criminal charges laid & both were verbally warned by police about causing a disturbance. 

12:30 PM - report from a male wanting to speak to police about a local taxi company that has been harassing him. Police spoke to an employee for the business who denied this happening but did state they had confronted the male who they believed was taking fares from the public without a proper licence. Both parties were referred to speak with the City of Swift Current's bylaw department. 

1:04 PM - report of an abandoned white Ford F350 on South Railway Street W . with the gas cap open. Police attended the area, located the vehicle & confirmed the vehicle was not stolen. The registered owner of the vehicle was contacted by police who advised the truck had ran out of gas & was later moved. · 

5:11 PM - 911 misdial call at a commercial dwelling unit on the 1100 block of South Service Road E. Police attended the location & confirmed no emergency was taking place, an employee had accidentally dialled 911 when trying to call out. 

5:33 PM - 911 hang up call to a residence on the 600 block of 6th Avenue N.W. Officers attended the residence & spoke to children in the home who said they were okay. One of the siblings had contacted 911 because his brother had taken something from him. Their mother was spoken to & advised of what happened. The children were all given verbal warnings by police about the proper use of 911. 

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