Vehicle violations and social media concerns top last weekend

The following is a synopsis of calls for service for the Swift Current Municipal Detachment with dates indicated:


8:23 PM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a red Oldsmobile Alero for speeding.

8:44 PM - report of a dispute on the 400 block of 1st Avenue NW. Two adult males had gotten into a heated exchange involving one of the male's being accused of opening the other's mail. Police did not attend the location and after speaking with the police the caller did not wish to have the matter pursued any further.


4:38 AM - report of a commercial alarm at a business on the O block of Springs Drive. Officers attended the location and confirmed the alarm to be false after ensuring the business was secure.

2:16 PM - report of a hit & run to the caller's black Honda Civic while parked at a business on the 200 block of 1st Avenue NW three days prior. The are no suspects or witnesses.

3:26 PM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a black GMC Acadia for speeding.

3:54 PM - 911 call from a male reporting a female neighbour had walked into his residence after she'd been told previously she is not welcome at his home. When police spoke with the male he advised the female had left but would like her warned about attending his residence. This matter is still on-going.

5:47 PM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on a male who may be in Swift Current. The caller advised he had someone reach out to him on social media saying a male was seen in Swift Current who matched the description of the caller's son who had been reported missing in Regina. Police followed up with the complaint and made patrols but the male in question could not be located and believed the description matched a local male police are familiar with.

6:47 PM - report of the caller's ex-boyfriend at her residence ringing her buzzer and would like police to attend to remove him . Police spoke with the male who had since left the residence and advised him he was not welcome to return to the caller's residence to which he agreed.

7:23 PM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on a female who hasn't been heard from since the day prior and had not returned home. Police were later notified by the caller the female had returned and was fine.

8:00 PM - report of the caller being pushed by his girlfriend while they were having dinner and drinks together. This matter is still under investigation.

8:35 PM - report of the caller's minor son having a "meltdown" and throwing things around their residence. Officers attended the residence and spoke with the youth and he was left in the care of his parents.


2:26 AM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a white Honda Civic for failing to produce a driver's licence upon the request of an officer.

2:32 AM - hang up call from a dwelling unit on the 300 block of Matador Drive. The caller gave her address and then hung up on call takers. Officers attended the location and spoke to an intoxicated female occupant who advised she called when she thought someone was coming into her suite off her balcony but then hung up when she realized it was the wind.

3:50 AM - hang up call from a dwelling unit on the 300 block of Matador Drive believed to be the same female from an earlier complaint. The female told call takers she wanted police to attend her home and then hung up. Police attended and there was no answer and the female did not answer the phone when she was called. Police believed the female had gone to bed as she was planning to do that the last time they'd been at her residence.

7:07 AM - 911 call from a female reporting she'd received a phone call from a female known to her who was intoxicated and seemed unstable. Officers attended the female's residence and when speaking with her she did not make sense. The female agreed to attend the hospital for evaluation and was transported there by police.

10:38 AM - report of the caller believing someone smashed the window to her balcony but when she checked there was no damage. Officers recognized this as the same intoxicate female from prior complaints and attended her residence where they offered to take her to the hospital but she declined.

11 :29 AM - 911 call of a domestic dispute. The caller advised her boyfriend was throwing things, "acting crazy" and refusing to leave the residence. Police attended and maintained the peace while the boyfriend obtained a few personal belongings after agreeing to stay elsewhere and after confirming nothing physical had taken place between the two.

12:50 PM - 911 call of a found bag of what is believed to be drugs. The caller advised they'd located the bag on Chaplin Street E. Police attended the area, seized the bag and after testing confirmed it was not a drugs in the bag.

12:53 PM - 911 misdial from a location on the 2000 block of Saskatchewan Drive. Officers attended the location and spoke with staff who were able to confirm no emergency was taking place.

12:57 PM - 911 call of a dispute at a residence on the 300 block of Matador Drive. Officers attended the location and spoke to a male and female who advised they had gotten into an argument after a child exchange. Police confirmed nothing physical had taken place between the two and the male departed the location.

3:54 PM - report of a red Chrysler Intrepid speeding, almost cutting the caller off. The caller advised they also noticed a small child in the vehicle that appeared to be unrestrained in a car seat. Officers made patrols and were able to locate the vehicle and conduct a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle admitted that when the child was screaming and inconsolable they'd allowed the child out of their seat. The driver was issued a ticket under the Traffic Safety Act for inadequate child restraint system.

4:18 PM - report of a possibly impaired driver on the #4 Highway coming into Swift Current in a grey Dodge Ram pulling a trailer. The caller advised that the truck and trailer keep crossing over the yellow lines and advised it is windy but not windy enough to cause the vehicle to be all over the road . Officers made patrols but were unable to locate the vehicle.

5:20 PM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on a female who is staying Swift Current. Officers attended the female's location and confirmed she was okay. The female mentioned to police that she had an injury from a prior incident that was bothering her so an ambulance was contacted to transport the female to the hospital for evaluation.

7:07 PM - 911 call from a male advising he was calling the police on a male who had threatened to call the police on him.

Police spoke with the male who was intoxicated and determined what the caller was saying had not taken place and there was no emergency.

7:45 PM - request from a male seeking advice on what to do about a female he knows to slander people's reputations on social media. The male advised a female he had been dating about a year ago became upset with him recently after he'd "liked" one of her friend's photos on social media and wanted to know if anything could be done. Police advised the male to block the female on social media and to get in touch with police if anything is posted about him .

7:55 PM - request to assist with a female at a location on the 2000 block of Saskatchewan Drive who is being difficult with staff. Police attended the location and assisted with the female who agreed to be cooperative.

10:03 PM - report of a possible impaired driver in a grey Honda Civic on Central Avenue N. The caller advised that the vehicle was not driving as if they are impaired however it appeared like the driver was holding a beer bottle. Police were able to locate the vehicle, conduct a traffic stop and confirm the driver was not impaired and the bottle in question was root beer. The driver of the vehicle was issued a written warning for failing to provide police with a valid driver's licence.

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