A lot of calls for RCMP

Swift Current Municipal Detachment RCMP calls to round out November were busy. Foowing are the calls for service for the dates indicated:


5:17 PM - report from a male who is concerned a tenant of his that may not have any heat on in his property & wanted permission from police to enter the residence. The caller was instructed to contact the Rentalsmen to confirm what his rights are as a landlord & entering the property.

9:36 PM - 911 call of a possible impaired driver leaving an establishment on the 500 block of Cheadle Street W. The caller stated that an intoxicated male had been arguing with his girlfriend & when asked to leave got into a vehicle,possibly a Cadillac & drove away. Police made patrols but were unable to locate the vehicle.

9:42 PM - received call from the same male as earlier who advised he was told he could enter the property to check if thetenant had heat & was concerned something may happen. The caller was advised by police to contact them if there's anyissues that arise when he & a plumber attend the property. No further calls were received in relation to this incident.

10:03 PM - 911 hang up call from a dwelling unit on the 400 block of 2nd Avenue N.W. Officers attended the complex & spoke to the property rep who advised she had been cooking & some oil had sparked a small fire & dialled 911 but she was able to put the fire out right away. The caller was advised by police to stay on the line with 911 during any future calls & not hang up on the call takers.

10:26 PM - allegation of sexual assault received. Police spoke with the involved parties who denied being a victim nor knowing anyone who was a victim of sexual assault.

10:50 PM - report a male youth leaving a location on the 2000 block of Saskatchewan Drive. Officers located the male youth who advised he was just out because he needed some air. The male youth was returned to the location where his parent was waiting for him.

11 :52 PM - report of a male sitting in a white Dodge Challenger with the vehicle running on 5th Avenue N.E. & the caller believes the driver may possibly be impaired. Officers attended the area & located the vehicle & driver. The driver of the vehicle was given a road side alcohol test which came back as a warning resulting in a three day driving suspension & vehicle impoundment. The vehicle was also found to be unregistered & the vehicle driver was issued a ticket for same.


12:10 AM - report of a noise complaint at a dwelling unit on the 100 block of 3rd Avenue N.E. The caller stated it sounded like there's a party going on. There is loud music & marijuana can be smelt. Officers attended the location & spoke to the property rep who was throwing a birthday party. The property rep was apologetic & agreed to be more quiet & turn the music down.

2:05 AM - 911 call of an unwanted person in a residence on the 1300 block of Taylor Drive. The caller stated there was a male at her residence refusing to leave & requested officers assistance removing him. Officers attended the residence & spoke with all involved parties who had all been consuming alcohol. Police spoke with the male & he agreed to leave the residence.

1:18 PM - 911 hang up call from a pay phone at a business on the 1800 block of Memorial Drive. Officers made patrols of the area but did not note anything suspicious & there was no one around or using the pay phone.

2:25 PM - 911 call of an animal complaint. The caller stated she was following rabbit tracks & noticed pug marks she believes belongs to a cougar or other large cat. The caller's husband was also on the line with the caller & the call taker noted that both sounded like they were possibly impaired by alcohol & then disconnected. Upon call back both the caller & her husband were adamant that they were cougar tracks. Police had Conservation Officers follow up with the couple however were later informed that no tracks could be located upon their attendance.

3:02 PM - report of an assault on the 100 block of North Service Road W. The caller stated that he attended one of his rental properties to obtain rent money & the tenant shoved him out of the door way & then slammed the door in his face. Officers attended the location & spoke to the caller who advised he did not want charges laid against the tenant & didn't want the money owed for rent, he just wanted the tenant evicted. The tenant was no longer home by the time police arrived at the location but they were able to follow up with him later in the day & advised him that the landlord intended to follow through with eviction if no rent was paid. The tenant was also asked about the reported assault & he stated that he did not assault the landlord & said that he was walking out of his suite & the landlord was getting mad at him so he walked away & didn't believe the matter of rent collection should involve the police. Police spoke with the caller again & he advised that he still did not wish to pursue the assault charge. He was advised that police would no longer be involved & he could pursue the matter civilly if he wished to do so.

6:25 PM - 911 call of a family dispute. A female on the line stated she'd gotten into a fight with her mother & yelling could be heard in the background, then the line disconnected. Officers attended the residence & learned a mother & daughter had been having a verbal argument, nothing physical took place. Once all parties were calm police left the residence & instructed either of them to call if anything further happens.

6:37 PM - report of a male trespassing on the railroad tracks near the #4 Highway. Officers made patrols of the area & located the male who was a youth. The male youth was charged at the request of CP Police under the Saskatchewan Trespass to Property Act.

8:11 PM - report of a white SUV hitting an electrical box in the alley of Sidney Street E. The box was broken in the collision & the wires are now exposed. The caller stated she witnessed a male & female standing with the vehicle, looking at the box but then got into the vehicle & drove away. Officers attended the location but did not locate any suspicious vehicles in the area or vehicles matching the description provided. City Light & Power was notified of the collision.

10:38 PM - report of a male wearing all dark clothes stumbling across the #1 Highway. The caller stated the male had fallen down a few times & wanted members to check on the male to make sure he didn't get hit by a vehicle or lying in the ditch. Officers made patrols of the area & did not locate anyone matching the description provided by the caller.


10:14 AM - report of a theft. The caller stated that a male she'd allowed to stay with her charged a large sum of money to one of her credit cards. This matter is still under investigation.

1:15 PM - report of threats being made to the caller's spouse. This matter is still under investigation.

1 :21 PM - report of a male leaving a location on the 2000 block of Saskatchewan Drive in critical condition. Officers located the male in the company of a friend & returned him to the location.

1:39 PM - while on patrol officers witnessed a two vehicle collision at the intersection of Memorial Drive & North Service Road E. A red Toyota Rav4 ran a light at the intersection crashing into a white Jeep Compass. Three vehicle occupants with reported injuries & were transported to hospital by EMS for evaluation. Both vehicles were required to be towed from the scene. The driver of the Toyota was later charged under the Traffic Safety Act for failing to stop at an intersection displaying a red light.

4:59 PM - request to conduct wellbeing check on an adult female. The female was located at her residence by police alive & well.

6:16 PM - report of a theft of property from a condo building garage on the 300 block of 13th Avenue N. E. This matter is still under investigation.

7:55 PM - report of a landlord & tenant dispute on the O block of 1st Avenue N. E. The dispute was over the tenant not dropping off the key for the landlord. The key was returned to the landlord that evening.

8:21 PM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a black Honda Civic for failing to use their headlights at night. The driver was also issued an inspection ticket to have the brake lights repaired on the vehicle.

9:33 PM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a black Mitsubishi Lancer for failing to use their headlights at night.

9:36 PM - report of a possibly suicidal individual. The male was located by police & agreed to voluntarily attend the hospital for evaluation.

10:16 PM - report of a small dog in the caller's neighbour's yard. The caller wanted police to attend the residence & have the neighbour take the dog inside. Police attended the home & spoke with the home owner who showed police the dog door that allows the animal to go in & out as it pleases. The caller was contacted & notified of same.

10:28 PM - report of two male youth taking clothing out of the donation bins on the 300 block of Central Avenue N. & tossing them around the parking lot. Officers attended the area & located both male youth. The youth were instructed to pick up & return all the items to the bin & then were given a ride home by police where they also had a discussion with their mother about what occurred.

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