Swift Current RCMP deal with a lot of domestic calls last weekend

The following is a synopsis of calls for RCMP service in Swift Current for the dates indicated:


4:15 PM - report of a male refusing to leave a location on the 400 block of Herbert Street E. The caller stated that a male had been on the phone yelling & swearing & when asked by staff to leave the business, refused. Officers attended the location & spoke to a male known to police near the area. The male had said he'd been upset with the staff for being nosy. The male was given a verbal warning about the disturbance he caused & agreed he would not go back to the location.

4:32 PM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a black Dodge Ram for failing to wear a seatbelt.

4:56 PM - 911 hang up from a residence on the 200 block of 14th Avenue N.E. An unknown male had contacted 911 wanting to speak to an undercover officer & then hung up on call takers. Officers attended the address provided but the address did not exist. Officers made additional patrols of the area but did not locate anything suspicious.

5:06 PM - while on patrol officers observed a blue GMC Envoy that had the numbers on their licence plate painted gold. This is often done to defeat the licence plate being photographed at night as it obscures its reflective properties. Police were unable to stop the vehicle due to the previous 911 call received but a letter was sent to the registered owner along with a ticket for operating a motor vehicle with a defaced or altered licence plate.

5:39 PM - report of a suspicious male that the caller's son has seen on two occasions when he's been walking home. Officers spoke with the caller & offered suggestions on what to do going forward .

6:45 PM - request from Drayton Valley RCMP to check a residence for a male they have been looking to speak to. Officers attended the residence & spoke to a female that answered the door who was very uncooperative but stated she had not seen the male.

7:54 PM - report of a male on South Service Road E. wearing dark colored clothing that came up out of the ditch & the caller almost hit him. Officers made patrols of the area but did not locate anyone matching the description provided.

8:07 PM - report of some youth spitting on cars on the 2nd Avenue overpass & pretending they are going to jump out in front of vehicles. Officers attended the area & made patrols but were unable to locate any youth in the area.

8:32 PM - report of the caller being given a notice of eviction to be out of the residence by this evening & she does not have anywhere to go. The caller was advised that evictions are a civil matter that police do not get involved with & that she should contact the rentalsman for any further questions in relations to what rights she has as a renter.

1:34 PM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on a male who contacted the Healthline speaking about a brain injury he has & then hung up. Officers attended the residence & spoke with a male who was believed to be the caller's roommate. The roommate invited police inside & lead them to the basement where the caller was. Upon descending the stairs the male caller began to threaten police saying he would shoot them if they came downstairs. Once police were able to confirm the male did not have a firearm they entered the basement & arrested the male. Police determined the male was

suffering with concerns to his mental health due to his prior injury & transported the male to the hospital for evaluation. No criminal charges were laid in relation to the incident.


5:51 AM - report of a collision on the #1 Highway overpass where the male driver collided with the guard rail. Officers attended the location, confirmed there were no injuries as a result of the collision & had the vehicle towed as it was no longer drivable. No charges were laid in relation to the collision.

8:08 AM - report of a dispute between a couple going through a divorce. The caller said his ex-wife told him she was going to contact police after he said he would throw her property away if she did not come get it. Police confirmed nothing criminal had taken place & documented it for information purposes.

9:23 AM - request to turn over old firearms. Police attended & seized three firearms & some ammunition for destruction.

10:43 AM - report of a hit & run to the caller's white Lexus GS35 while parked at a commercial dwelling unit on the 700 block of North Service Road E. Video footage was available for police to review & they were able to obtain a plate number for the suspect vehicle. This matter is still under investigation.

10:54 AM - report of a road rage incident on 6th Avenue N.E. A female attended the Detachment to report that while traveling behind a grey Dodge Journey the driver of the Dodge kept braking so the female would as well & at one point the driver, a male, applied the brakes, exited his the vehicle & started yelling at the female. The female did not wish for police to proceed with charges & only wanted the incident documented. Police followed up with the registered owner of the Dodge who said he felt the female had been following too close in her vehicle, almost rear ending him.

11:42 AM - while officers were on patrol they attended a residence to serve a subpoena on an adult female. The female was not home but is on a 24 hour court ordered curfew to be in her residence. Officers were able to later confirm that the female had permission from her probation officer to be away from her home.

1:06 PM - report of a male causing a disturbance at a business on the 300 block of Central Avenue N. asking other patrons of the business for money & rides. Police are very familiar with this male & receive multiple complaints of the same nature. Police attended the location & the male was given a bylaw ticket for panhandling in a coercive manner & explained to the male that the City bus & taxis are available for any rides he requires.

3:57 PM - report of a group of boys throwing a cat around. Police were able to speak with the involved youth who were given firm warnings about their actions & the potential to be charged in the future as they get older. The parents were also notified of the incident.

4:21 PM - a female attended the Detachment wanting to have a male & female youth charged after they gave her the finger & said expletives towards her. Officers explained to the female that what had occurred did not sanction anything criminal & no charges would be pursued. Police suggested she avoid the two & the male & female were also contacted by police & advised to leave the female alone.

6:58 PM - report of a male being seen leaving the parking lot of a dwelling unit where her daughter resides & he is on court ordered conditions not have contact with her. The complainant also advised her mother was approached by the male at a local business. Police were able to confirm that as of right now, nothing criminal had taken place but would document the complaint in the event there is anything further that occurs.

9:03 PM - report of a semi travelling on the North Service Road E. with very poor lights on the trailer that keep flickering on & off. Police made patrols but were unable to locate the semi.

9:51 PM - report of a black Pontiac G5 that bounced off the curb & then continued to travel in the middle of Cheadle Street E. A licence plate was able to be provided by the caller. Officers made patrols but were unable to locate the vehicle. Police noted that their were very icy road conditions.

10:24 PM - report from a male who says he's having difficulty with people knocking on his door during the day & then running away. There was also an incident where paint was put on his window sill. This matter is still under investigation.

10:33 PM - report of an alarm at a business on the O block of Springs Drive & no key holder would be attending. Police attended the business & confirmed the alarm to be false. There didn't appear to be any signs of damage or forced entry into the business. Cleaning staff were on site so they likely tripped an alarm by mistake.


2:55 AM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a blue Ford F150 for operating a motor vehicle without valid registration.

6:25 PM - report of three vehicles & people showing up at the caller's residence demanding she pay money to them that she owes. The caller had no idea who any of these people were & stated they were looking for a female by a name that the caller does not go by. The caller was requesting police make extra patrols in case the vehicles were still in the area.

The vehicles were described as one white truck, one black SUV & a red car. No plate numbers were able to be obtained during the call. Officers made patrols but did not locate any vehicles matching the description provided.

11:06 PM - 911 call from a location on the 2000 block of Saskatchewan Drive & a male who was brought into their facility is refusing to get out of the vehicle. Police attended the location to assist & after the male made some concerning comments he was arrested under the Mental Health Act & was removed by police from the vehicle. Once the male was calmed down he was left in the care of staff to be evaluated by a physician.

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