SC RCMP had a lot to do July 11

The following is a synopsis of calls for Swift Current RCMP service for the dates indicated:


4:26 PM - report of a vehicle parked in one of the lanes of the #1 Highway. Officers attended the location where a vehicle had broken down. A tow company was called to take the vehicle.

5:37 PM - report of two vehicles with American plates on them parked at a business on the 1800 block of Memorial Drive.

The caller was concerned about whether they should be here in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Officers attended the location but both vehicles had left the area prior to their arrival.

6:23 PM - 911 hang up call from a commercial dwelling unit on the 700 block of North Service Road E. Upon call back an

employee of the business advised they were not aware of any emergency but would check with guests. Officers attended the location & confirmed there was no emergency after speaking with staff again .

6:50 PM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on the caller's minor son who has been residing in Swift Current with his Grandmother. The caller hasn't been able to speak to her son in some time & is concerned & wanting to make sure everything is okay. Officers attended the residence & confirmed the youth was there & in good health.


1 :06 AM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a black Jeep Wrangler for failing to stop for a flashing red light.

5:10 AM - received messages on the Detachment voice mail from a female stating she was going to "take some pills to go to sleep". Officers attended the female's residence to speak with her. She was home & intoxicated. She advised that she did not take anything & planned to contact her physician once she sobered up.

7:45 AM - 911 call of a neighbour dispute on the 600 block of 2nd Avenue N.E. The caller stated he was walking past his neighbours residence with his dog when the neighbour came out & started yelling & swearing at him telling him to never come on his property again. Officers attended the location & spoke with the neighbour who admitted to yelling at the caller because he saw him standing near the back of his house & didn't know why until he saw that the caller had been walking his dog. No offence had occurred & nothing threatening was said. The neighbour was apologetic & the caller had been notified of same.

8:58 AM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a white Chevrolet Silverado for operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver's licence.

10: 17 AM - report of an assault on the O block of 1st Avenue N .E. The caller stated he had been assaulted by a female known to the caller who had come to his residence to look for a phone & when she couldn't find it, got mad & pushed him resulting in him falling & hitting his head. The female was later located & arrested by police. The female will be charged with one count of assault with weapon, one count of forcible confinement & one count of uttering threats under the Criminal Code.

10:23 AM - report of a domestic assault that occurred the night prior between a female & male at the female's residence. This matter is still under investigation.

10:29 AM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning ticket to the driver a yellow Chrysler Concorde for operating a motor vehicle without valid registration.

11 :03 AM - report of a domestic dispute at a dwelling unit on the O block of Burke Crescent. Police attended the location & learned that the male & female in the residence who were in a relationship assaulted each other. Both subjects were arrested by police & both will be charged with one count of assault under the Criminal Code.

12:17 PM - report of a two vehicle collision on George Street W. involving a white Ford Edge & a blue Mazda CX-5. The

Ford had pulled out from a stop sign before it was safe to do so hitting the Mazda on the driver's side of the vehicle. The driver of the Ford stated she had not seen anyone coming but her view had been obstructed by an electrical box near the stop sign. No one was injured or charged as a result of the collision & both vehicles were still drivable.

2:04 PM - report of a grey Dodge Journey swerving on the road, almost hitting a pole on Herbert Street E. A plate number

was able to be obtained during the call. Police made patrols but were unable to locate the vehicle. Police had tried contacting the registered owner but have not received a call back. This matter is still on-going.

7:32 PM - 911 call of a suicidal individual. Officers attended the location of the individual who was found in the company of a friend. The individual agreed to attend the hospital for evaluation & was transported there by police.

9:00 PM - report of property being stolen from the caller & her boyfriend by a male that had been residing with them. This information had been told to the caller by their landlord who'd enquired about seeing someone moving property from their

unit. After returning home the caller discovered there were in fact items missing from their home. This matter is still under investigation.

9:21 PM - report of a new white vehicle driving on the walking path near Connaught Drive. While police were making patrols a second call was received that there was a white Honda Civic on the walking path near Riverdene Park & the caller believed the driver may be impaired. Officers attended the area & located the vehicle & driver on 10th Avenue N.E.

The male driver was given a roadside alcohol test resulting in a warning reading. This was the second roadside suspension within in the last year so the male driver was issued a 21 day driving suspension & the vehicle was impounded for 7 days.

9:29 PM - report of the caller being harassed by her neighbour. This matter is still under investigation.

9:37 PM - report of a male camping in a tent in a park on 6th Avenue N.W. Similar complaints have been received about this male, who has previously advised he has no where to go. The male was told by police to move on & he complied.

9:47 PM - report of a stolen bicycle. The caller stated his bicycle, that had been locked up, was stolen from the 300 block of Sidney Street E. No serial number was able to be provided for the bicycle. There are no witnesses or suspects.


8:07 AM - report of the caller having her rent money stolen by a female she'd previously been staying with. This matter is still under investigation.

1:36 PM - report of a suspicious black GMC Sierra parked outside of the caller's building on the 100 block of 4th Avenue N.E. The caller believes the occupant may be consuming drugs inside the vehicle. Officers attended the location & spoke to a male occupant in the vehicle that had been sleeping . The male admitted to consuming all of his prescription medications. EMS was contacted & transported the male to the hospital for evaluation.

2:51 PM - report of the male who had been tenting in the park on 6th Avenue N.W. was now camped out in the alley Behind the caller's residence on the 300 block of 6th Avenue N.W. Officers attended the area & the male was gone prior to their arrival. The caller was advised to contact police again if the male returned & Detachment staff notified the City's bylaw department of the complaints being received in relation to the male.

5:19 PM - report a black Ford Raptor driving fast through puddles on 18th Avenue S. E. No plate number was able to obtained during the call. Police attended the area & made patrols but were unable to locate any vehicles matching the description provided .

5:28 PM - report of a family dispute. Nothing criminal had taken place & police were able to assist with mediating the matter before anything escalated.

7:49 PM - report of the caller's neighbour shooting a crossbow in his backyard when there are a number people in a backyard across the alley from his residence. The caller was unsure of what the neighbour was shooting at. Officers attended the residence & spoke to the male who was shooting at a wooden target. The bow was not prohibited. Police gave the male a verbal warning about shooting crossbows & other weapons in city limits.

10:10 PM - report of the caller being threatened by another male & he is afraid to return to his residence. Officers attended the caller's location to discuss further & learned that he'd been assaulted & threatened by the male with a knife.

The male was later located & arrested by police. 55 year old Darren Zeller has been charged with two counts of assault & one count of assault with weapon under the Criminal Code. Zeller appeared in Swift Current Provincial Court July 14.

10:33 PM - report of two suspicious vehicles revving their engines outside the callers residence. The caller stated both vehicles had been sold to these individuals by her ex-boyfriend & that money was still owed for them. Her ex-boyfriend had previously confronted them individuals about the owed money. Police spoke to the vehicle drivers & told them to quit coming around the caller's residence.

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