Busy as usual for RCMP

The following is a synopsis of calls for RCMP service in Swift Current for the dates indicated:


4:39 PM - 911 call of a young male & female being observed by the caller hopping a fence & entering the train yard on Railway Street & was concerned for their safety. Officers made patrols but could not locate anyone in the train yard.

4:46 PM - report of letter being put into neighbours’ mail boxes with the caller's personal information on them, accusing her of criminal activity. The caller suspects it may have been an ex-boyfriend after a recent break up. The caller did not wish to have the matter pursued by police & only wanted it documented in the event things escalate.

6:01 PM - report of a possible impaired driver. A blue Ford Escape was swerving & driving in the wrong lane. Officers made patrols but were unable to locate the vehicle.

7:51 PM - report of the caller seeing what she believes was a bobcat near a location on Grey Street E. The caller advised she did not get a good look at the animal but said it was not a normal house cat. Officers attended the area & made patrols on foot but did not locate any animals in the area.

8:57 PM - report of the caller's daughter hitting a deer on South Railway Street W. Officers attended the location of the caller's daughter. There was no damage to the vehicle & she was not injured, however the deer was suffering.Conservation was contacted to come attend to the injured deer.

11:54 PM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a black Ford Expedition for failing to obey a stop sign.


1:18 AM - report of the caller's girlfriend's vehicle being damaged. The caller believes someone threw rocks at it. This matter is still under investigation.

8:11 AM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a black Chevrolet Silverado for failing to stop at an intersection.

11 :27 AM - while on patrol officers issued tickets to the driver of a white GMC 1500 for having tint on his front side windows & improper mud flaps on the vehicle. He was also issued inspection tickets to attend the Detachment when the mud flaps have been repaired & the tint removed.

2:55 PM - report of a grey Dodge truck travelling up Central Avenue N. with no licence plate or permit on the vehicle. Police made patrols but were unable to locate the vehicle.

5:59 PM - request from a caller wanting police to attend her employer's residence because she is scared to leave. The caller said her employer's were angry with her & wanted her to write a letter. Officers attended the residence & learned that the caller had quit her live-in nanny position & was moving out. Police determined no criminal offence had occurred & advised the caller to contact police if any disturbance happened after they left.


2:57 PM - 911 hang up call from a commercial dwelling unit on the 1300 block of North Service Road E. Police spoke with staff at the location who advised no emergency was taking place & that they've been having issues with their phone line & would be contacting their local phone provider to look at the problem.

3:59 PM - report of the caller getting harassing & threatening messages from a female. The caller states the messages are originating out of Spain & include extortion. This matter is still under investigation.

8:52 PM - report of the caller's son returning home to his apartment this evening & finding the locks have been changed by the landlord. Officers contacted the landlord who advised the tenant was not locked out & that there have been issues with the lock & they would be happy to assist the tenant with getting into his suite.

9:14 PM - report from a caller who believes they've had images deleted from an exterior camera that is set up outside their residence. The caller went to check the photos on it & there are some days missing from it. The caller was unable to determine if or when it occurred. Police suggested the caller move the camera to a spot where the camera is less visible to the public.

9:26 PM - report of two males, one in a motorhome & the other the caller believes is a lookout checking vehicles on the 200 block of 4th Avenue S.E. Officers made patrols & located both males who were out for a walk & lived in the area.

10:51 PM - report of the caller's friend being threatened with assault when he attended to fix a lock at a dwelling unit. Officers attended the location & spoke to the tenant & landlord where they confirmed no threats had been made. The matter was from an incident earlier in the day involving the tenant thinking the landlord locked him out of his suite. The tenant was upset & threw tape on the ground when the landlord advised he would need to take the door knob & wouldn't be able to have it fixed until the following day.

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