RCMP busy with COVID-19 calls

The following is a synopsis of calls for service for the dates indicated:


4:09 PM - report of a 911 hangup from a business on the 1900 block of Saskatchewan Drive. Officers determined the alarm to be false, a staff member had misdialled when trying to make an outgoing call.

5:20 PM - report of a residential alarm on the 500 block of 1st Avenue N. E. Officers attended the location & spoke withthe home owner who had tripped the alarm by mistake.

10:45 PM - report of a male driving a grey Chevrolet Equinox approaching the male caller & his friends who were onbicycles in the Dufferin Street area accusing them of using his name to sell soap. The caller thought the male was perhaps under the influence of drugs or alcohol & kept circling around the block coming back to where the caller was. Officers made patrols but were unable to locate any vehicles matching the description provided.


11 :47 AM - report of the caller's neighbour not complying with the self-isolation mandate put in place by the Province. The caller's neighbour had returned from the United States & had gone out for a walk. The caller was advised that going for a walk was allowed with self-isolation & that the complaint would be documented for information purposes.

12:42 PM - report of a large gathering of teenagers at a location on the 1200 block of Riverdene Park Drive not practicing social distancing. Officers attended the area & did not locate a large group of people. One adult & four children were in the area & safe distances were observed .

2:30 PM - report of a large gathering of young teenagers at a location on the 1200 block of Riverdene Park not practicing social distancing. Officers attended the area & spoke with the small group about maintaining social distance to which they all complied to practice.

8:29 PM - 911 call from a male advising a female, who the male is on police ordered conditions not to have contact with, just walked into his home & stole a package of cigarettes, leaving in a blue Honda car. The caller did not wish to pursue any charges & only wanted her warned . This matter is still under investigation.

9:26 PM - report of two vehicles with occupants inside parked at a location on the 200 block of 19th Avenue N. E. believed to be smoking cannabis. Officers attended the location & spoke to the occupants of both vehicles about social distancing & the state of emergency put in place by the Province. The small group all agreed to return home. Police did not notice any evidence of cannabis use.

10:08 PM - report of a male starting a chat group online stating that employees of the caller's business had tested positive for COVID-19. The caller was very clear this was untrue. This matter is still on-going.


12:46 AM - 911 call from a female stating her intoxicated friend left her residence on foot after attempting to leave in her vehicle & having her keys taken away by the caller. Officers made patrols & located the female who was heavily intoxicated walking. Officers provided the female a ride to a residence where someone sober was able to take care of her for the night.

2:58 AM - report of an alarm at a business situated on the 400 block of South Service Road E. Officers attended & determined the alarm to be false after ensuring the business was secure.

8:20 AM - report of a deceased deer lying near the caller's vehicle on the 500 block of Keene Drive that must of been hit sometime overnight. The City of Swift Current was contacted to remove the deer from the street.

10:40 AM - report of the caller's ex-husband showing up at her residence & punching out her window after she refused to let him into her home. The male then left in his truck. Officers attended caller's residence to take a statement of what occurred & the male returned. The male was arrested & will be charged with causing a disturbance & mischief under the Criminal Code.

12:20 PM - report of the caller's neighbour leaving his residence in his vehicle when he is to be self-isolating. Several

complaints had been made in relation to the same person & similar incidents. Public Health was notified of the complaints received & advised they would investigate the matter & issue a ticket if it is deemed the male was in breach of the Public Health Order.

3:41 PM - report of a white Ford F150 driving over a street sign on 6th Avenue N.E. & then leaving the area. The caller was able to provide police with a photo of the collision. Later in the evening police were called to a complaint & were able to identify the truck & driver in relation to the sign.

3:56 PM - report of a female whom the caller shares a child with coming into his residence & taking belongings out of their child's bedroom. The caller's complaint was confusing for police to follow what exactly had occurred & he provided contradicting answers to questions. The caller said that he didn't speak to the female because she blocked him on everything but then would go on to say he spoke to her face to face. Police were able to finally determine what had occurred was a civil matter & he should consult a lawyer.

4:43 PM - report of a group of people walking through a local park with four dogs that are off-leash. Officers made patrols but did not locate the animals. The caller was contacted by police & advised to contact City Bylaw if he sees them again

during their working hours & to contact police if he sees them again outside of bylaw hours.

5:29 PM - 911 of a domestic dispute. The caller advised that her husband, whom she is going through a separation with is at her residence intoxicated, "freaking out" & pushing the caller. The caller stated that he was now in the garage refusing to leave. Officers attended & the male was arrested in relation to the domestic dispute & was also identified as the driver in the hit & run to the street sign from earlier in the day. The male will be charged with impaired driving & mischief under the Criminal Code & with failing to notify a property owner of damage from an accident under the Traffic Safety Act.

7:47 PM - report of an adult male walking across an ice jam on the creek near Riverdene Park. The caller had also contacted the Swift Current Fire Department. Police attended the area but did not locate anyone on or near the ice.

8:02 PM - message was left on the Detachment phone advising of an erratic driver in a white Chevrolet Avalanche. When police contacted the caller to get further details of what occurred he'd advised that the vehicle had been at the park near the 1200 block of Riverdene Park Drive along with multiple other people. Police were at the location at the original time of call & no white truck was observed & everyone at the location had been told to go home. Patrols for the truck were made by police but it was not located.

8:58 PM - report of multiple people in the parking lot of a business on the 100 block of 1st Avenue N.W. The caller said there were approximately nine vehicles in the lot with people standing behind each vehicle. Officers attended the location & only one unoccupied vehicle was present.

10:22 PM - report of a suspicious briefcase being left on a bench outside an apartment complex on the 1100 block of 6th Avenue N.E. Officers attended & located an empty briefcase with a sign saying "Free" attached to it.

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