RCMP deal with welfare checks, COVID, hit and run

The following is a synopsis of calls for service for the dates indicated by Swift Current Municipal Detachment officers:


4:26 PM - 911 call of a domestic dispute on the 900 block of North Railway Street E. The male caller was reporting being assaulted by a female & call takers could hear a female yelling in the background. Officers attended the residence where police arrested an adult female after seeing the bite wound she caused to the male. The female will be charged with one count of assault under the Criminal Code.

8:49 PM - 911 call from a female advising her ex-husband had hacked into her phone. This matter is still under investigation.


12:51 AM - 911 call from an elderly female asking what time the television will be turned off. Officers attended the care facility that she resides in, confirmed she was okay & that no emergency was taking place.

6:53 AM - report of a commerical alarm at a location on the 2000 block of Hillcrest Drive. Officers attended the location & confirmed the alarm to be false after securing the building.

9:50 AM - report of the caller having issues with his ex-girlfriend & child custody. Neither the caller or ex-girlfriend were residing in Swift Current. The caller was advised by police to consult with a lawyer about any child custody concerns he has.

11:29 AM - report of a male messaging the female complainant over social media & she is on police ordered conditions not to have contact with him. Police advised the female not to engage in any conversation with the male, even if he messages first. Police also suggested she block the male so that he is unable to contact her.

12:08 PM - found purse was turned into the Detachment.

1:19 PM - received call from a male wanting police to come & arrest the "meth heads" that reside in the same apartment complex as him. Information the male had to provide was taken by police & the caller was advised they would conduct extra patrols of the area to watch for suspicious activity taking place.

1:40 PM - report of a female who hadn't been wearing a mask in a business. The female had since left but wanted to know what was to be done should people refuse. The caller was advised that being the manager for the business he is allowed to advise patrons they need to leave if they are not complying with the Public Health order & that if they refuse to leave or cause any issues, police can be contacted to attend.

1:59 PM - found set of vehicle keys were turned into the Detachment.

3:37 PM - report of a commerical alarm at a business on the 700 block of Central Avenue N. Upon police arrival to the business the security company advised that the alarm was false & a code had been entered wrong by an employee. Officers confirmed the identity of the keyholder.

4:45 PM - 911 call of a hit & run to the caller's black Honda CR-V while parked in the parking lot of a business on the 1800 block of Memorial Drive. There are no suspects or witnesses.

7:48 PM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on the caller's sibling who has a history of alcohol abuse. Officers attended his residence & he appeared to be fine.

9: 17 PM - report of a male not wearing a mask in the common areas of an apartment complex. Officers attended the male's residence & educated the male of the potential consequences of not following Public Health's masking order.

11:15 PM - 911 call of a family dispute. Police attended the residence & learned that two male family members, one being a youth had gotten into a physical altercation after a heated argument. Both males will be charged with one count of assault under the Criminal Code.


10:37 AM - report of a two vehicle collision on 1st Avenue NW. A white Chevrolet Cobalt was stopped at a red light when a white Chervolet S10 rear ended her & suspected the male driver of the S10 to be impaired. Officers attended the collision scene & confirmed the male was not impaired after conducting a road side alcohol test. No one was injured as a result of the collision & no charges were laid.

2:53 PM - report of a male sleeping in a business on the 500 block of North Service Road E. & when asked to leave, refused. Officers attended the business & the male left immediately.

3:29 PM - report of an intoxicated male knocking things over, stumbling & falling in the parking lot of a location on the 1100 block of Central Avenue N. headed towards the street. Officers attended & located the intoxicated male. The male was arrested & held in police custody until he could be released once he was sober.

4:24 PM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on the caller's mother-in-law. The caller advised family been on the phone with her & she'd been slurring her words & not making sense leaving her to be concerned she may be having some kind of medical emergency. Police along with EMS attended the mother-in-law's residence & she was transported to the hospital by EMS for evaluation.

5:29 PM - report of a male in a business on the 1700 block of Memorial Drive believed to be the suspect in a theft they had at their business on November 25th. Officers attended the location with a photo of the suspect & confirmed it was not the same person.

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