The following is a synopsis of calls for service for the dates indicated:


5:57 PM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning ticket to the driver of a blue Chevrolet Cruze for failing to stop at an intersection displaying a red light.

6:53 PM - report of the caller's vehicle dying on the #1 Highway approximately 45 minutes east of Swift Current. The caller had a dead battery & left it parked on the side of the highway & wanted police aware in the event they received any calls about it. Swift Current Rural Detachment & Morse Detachment were notified.

7:09 PM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a brown Honda Accord for operating a motor vehicle without valid registration.

8:59 PM - 911 call of a traffic complaint on the 900 block of George Street E. The caller advised that a young teenaged male was sitting on a scooter in the middle of the street & mouthed off to the caller. Both the caller & the male youth could be heard yelling at each other. Police attended the location & after speaking with the youth police learned that the male caller had placed the youth under "citizen's arrest" for riding his scooter on the road & almost hitting him. When the youth

tried to get away the male grabbed his arm & followed him until police arrived. The adult male was arrested by police & will be charged with one count of assault under the Criminal Code.

11:13 PM - 911 call of a collision on the #1 Highway & 11th Avenue NW overpass. A semi hit the middle divider causing extensive damage to the semi & guard rails. The driver of the semi was charged under the Traffic Safety Act after admitting to police he'd fallen asleep & woke when he'd hit the guard rail. The driver of the semi was not injured in the collision.


5:48 AM - 911 abandoned call at a dwelling unit on the 300 block of 1st Avenue NW. Upon call back a female answered the phone & after being asked if there was an emergency, disconnected the call. Officers attended the location & learned an unwanted female had been at the dwelling unit but had left prior to police arrival. Police made patrols of the area but did not locate any females out in the area.

9:58 AM - report of a sudden death. A 94 year old, Swift Current man had been found deceased in his home. His next of kin were notified. The death has been deemed non-suspicious.

10:14 AM - report of a suspicious phone call. The caller stated at approximately 1 :00 a.m. she had received a phone call from a male who said he wanted to talk. The male told the caller that his mother had a stroke the night prior & he had gotten the caller's phone number from a male & provided the name. Police followed up with the male who's name had been provided. He stated that he did not provide the caller's name to anyone & that he'd had his wallet stolen the week prior & he used to live very close to the caller. Officers attended the male's prior home & it was empty. Police conducted neighbourhood inquiries that yeilded negative results. Police were unable to determine who the caller was but to contact police if something similar happens in the future & she feels unsafe.

10:50 AM - request from a local tow company to provide traffic control on the #1 Highway for vehicles that are not slowing down for them while they are doing clean up from a collision that occurred the night prior. City officers were tied up at the time of the request but an officer from Swift Current Rural was able to attend & provide traffic control until clean up was over.

10:55 AM - report of a hit & run to the caller's brown Ford F350 that occurred in the parking lot of a location on the 1800 block of Memorial Drive. An unknown vehicle had struck the Ford on the driver's side causing a dent. There are no suspects or witnesses.

7:30 PM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning ticket to the driver of a red Chevrolet 1500 for stunting as well as for having a damaged windshield .

10:03 PM - 911 call of a suspicious white Chevrolet Monte Carlo that almost hit the caller's parked vehicle on 4th Avenue NW & when the driver exited the vehicle he had trouble standing. Officers made patrols & located the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was identified by police & spoke to him about the complaint received to which he had said he was tired. Police were able to confirm the driver of the vehicle was not impaired by alcohol.

10:07 PM - while on patrol officers conducted a traffic stop on a grey Volkswagen Jetta that had a burnt out head light. During the stop police were able to identify the driver who was on court ordered conditions to maintain a curfew. The driver of the vehicle was out past his curfew & did not have a valid driver's licence. The male was charged under the Traffic Safety Act for driving with out a valid driver's licence & will also be charged with one count of failing to comply with his probation order under the Criminal Code.


9:32 AM - report of a lost wallet & cellphone.

11 :05 AM - report of a burglary alarm at a location on the 500 block of 6th Avenue SE. Officers attended the location where a door was found open. Officers confirmed the location was empty & contacted a key holder to ensure the door gets locked properly.

11:10 AM - report of a male staying at a commercial dwelling unit in Swift Current who has warrants out for his arrest. Police attended the location & were given the room number he was staying in but there was no answer at the door. A vehicle description was provided to police & they made patrols but were unable to locate the vehicle. This matter is still under investigation.

2:01 PM - report of someone withdrawing money out of the caller's bank account. The caller advised that an ex-boyfriend did have her debit card & he had recently lost his wallet. The caller was advised to come in & make a statement to police if it had not been her ex-boyfirend that withdrew the funds.

2:04 PM - report of the caller finding a small German Shepherd in their yard that seems to be getting along with the

caller's dog & wanted police aware in the event the owners call looking for their pet. The caller contacted the Detachment

the next day to advise police the dog had been reunited with it's owners.

2:31 PM - request from Saskatoon Police Service to check a residence in Swift Current to see if someone who had been reported missing to them was there. Officers attended the location & the individual was at the residence. Saskatoon Police Service was updated on the outcome of their request.

6:32 PM - 911 call from a male stating his roommate is mentally unstable, intoxicated & tried to stab him. Officers attended the location & arrested the roommate. The caller clarified to police that his roommate did not try to stab him with a knife but had used it to gain entry to the residence. The caller did not wish to have his roommate charged & said she could return when she was sober. No criminal charges were laid in relation to the incident.

9:47 PM - 911 call of an erratic driver. The caller advised the driver of a grey Toyota Corolla almost his another vehicle & then parked at a business on the 1100 block of Central Avenue N. Officers made patrols but were unable to locate the vehicle.

10:35 PM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a purple Honda Ridgeline for speeding.

12:26 AM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a red GMC Yukon for operating a motor vehicle without valid registration.

2:32 AM - 911 misdial from a business on the O block of North Railway Street E. Police spoke to an employee who advised they accidentally misdialled when making an outgoing call & no emergency was taking place.

5:04 AM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a red Jeep Wrangler for speeding.

7:38 AM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a white Hyundai Santa Fe for failing to provide their registration for the vehicle. The driver was also given a written warning for operating a motor vehicle while holding their cellphone.

8:02 AM - 911 call from a female requesting police be present while she is trying to collect her items from a residence as she's concerned things may become violent. Officers attended the residence while the caller obtained her belongings.

8:51 AM - request from a male requesting police attend his residence while a female is getting her property out of his home. This is in relation to a call made earlier in the morning & the male advises the female is "freaking out" & he's concerned things may get violent. Police returned to the residence & supervised the remainder of the move out. Both parties agreed no further property was in the residence & would go their separate ways.

12:40 PM - report of a vehicle with an Alaska licence plate parked at a business on the 500 block of North Service Road E. The caller didn't know if the person should be here with the pandemic & travel bans. Officers made patrols but were not able to locate the vehicle.

12:46 PM - report of an assault that occurred the week prior. This matter is still under investigation.

3:22 PM - 911 call of a collision on the 600 block of South Service Road E. A black Mitsubishi Outlander backed into a black Honda Accord. Officers attended the location as both vehicles were from out of Province. No one was injured as a result of the collision & no charges were laid.

4:28 PM - report of vandalism to the complainant's grey Dodge Durango. The complainant advised police the lug nuts on his vehicle had been damaged & suspected who it may have been. This matter is still under investigation.

7:35 PM - report of inappropriate text messages being exchanged between the caller's adult daughter & an adult male residing in Swift Current. This matter is still under investigation.

8:33 PM - report of the complainant's spouse needing mental health assistance. Police spoke with the complainant about his concerns & advised him he should encourage his spouse to seek the appropriate help but that unfortunately police cannot force her to as there were no concerns for self harm.

9:02 PM - report of a Dodge car having blue & red lights on underneath the vehicle & the caller was concerned the vehicle may attempt to use those lights to conduct stops on other vehicles. The vehicle was last seen pulling into a parking lot on the 2000 block of Chaplin Street E. Police made patrols but were unable to locate any Dodge cars or cars with red & blue lights.

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