Variety of calls for Swift Current RCMP

The following is a synopsis of calls for service for the Swift Current Municipal Detachment for the dates indicated:


4:34 PM - report of a single vehicle collision on the #1 Highway. The driver of a white GMC Acadia had been travelling on the highway & when passing a vehicle, believed it was pulling into their driving lane. The driver had moved onto the shoulder to avoid a collision, however the snow was too deep & was pulled into the ditch hitting a speed sign. No one was injured as a result of the collision & no one was charged. The vehicle was required to be towed out of the snow.

5:08 PM - report of threats being made to the complainant. The adult male complainant attended the Detachment to. report being threatened by his step-father who was currently going through a separation from his mother. After further discussion police determined that what was said did not meet the requirements for charges under the Criminal Code. The male was advised by police to contact their office should the step-father return to pick up belongings from the residence & there be a concern for their safety.

6:26 PM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a blue Mazda 3 for operating a motor vehicle without valid registration.

11:24 PM - report of loud music coming from an apartment complex on the 300 block of 13th Avenue NE. Officers attended the dwelling unit & spoke to the occupant of the suite who advised he was celebrating his birthday by playing some music but agreed to turn it down.


1:29 AM - report of a female struggling with being in isolation after testing positive for COVID. The female advised she did feel like causing harm to herself. While the female was speaking with police, EMS was dispatched to her location & transported her to hospital for evaluation.

2:03 AM - 911 call of a break & enter in progress at a residence on the 300 block of 5th Avenue NW. The caller advised there is someone trying to push her back door in. Officers attended the residence & located a heavily intoxicated adult male stumbling away from the home. The male told police he had knocked at the door because he thought his phone was inside, however the owners of the property advised police they did not know who the man was. Police arrested the male for public intoxication & held him in police custody until he was sober & could then be released.

3:36 AM - 911 hang up call from an establishment on the O block of Central Avenue N. believed to be from a pay phone. Officers attended the location & confirmed no emergency was taking place after checking within the building & pay phone where no one was located.

10:37 AM - report of an assault between two adult males at a residence on the 300 block of Central Avenue S. A male had taken a "swing" at the caller who in turn pushed the male against the wall. Police attended the location & spoke with the caller who decided he did not want the male, who had already left, charged & no longer needed police involvement.

4:10 PM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a black Ford F150 for using an electronic communication device while driving.

4:16 PM - 911 call of a female who can be heard yelling "help" in an apartment on the 1600 block of North Hill Drive. The caller advised he cannot figure out which apartment the yelling is coming from exactly. Police attended the dwelling unit & located the female who was upset after relapsing from her alcoholism. The female was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

4:51 PM - 911 call of a male refusing to wear a mask due to medical reasons in a business on the on O block of Springs Drive. The male paid for his items & then left the store. The manager of the business only wished to have the male spoken to about his actions & the public health order that is in effect. Police attended the male's residence & provided education on the public health order & to speak to his physician if there was any reason as to why he could not wear a mask & receive the appropriate paperwork required for it.


2:02 AM - report of a suspicious white Toyota Sienna parked for the last 45 minutes on Goerge Street E. Officers attended the area, located the vehicle & conducted a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle had advised he was passing through Swift Current & was looking for his deceased friend's tombstone in order to pay his respects. Police were able to determine the driver was not impaired & he was issued a written warning for failing to produce his driver's licence upon officer request.

8:22 AM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a blue Pontiac Montana for speeding.

8:32 AM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a black Ford Edge for speeding.

9:29 AM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a grey Chrysler 300 for failing to obey a stop sign.

10:43 AM - report of a commerical alarm coming from a business on the 100 block of North Service Road E. Officers attended the business & spoke with the Manager who advised the alarm had been false & he would be looking into any issues with the alarm company.

10:57 AM - report of a commercial alarm coming from a business on "the 100 block of 1st Avenue NW. Officers attended the location & determined the alarm was false & no emergency was taking place.

11:25 AM - report of a grey Honda Ridgeline driving erratically through a parking lot on the O block of Springs Drive almost hitting some parked vehicles. Officers made patrols but were unable to locate the vehicle.

11:54 AM - report of an adult male not abiding by his court ordered 24 hour curfew. This matter is still under investigation.

4:33 PM - report of a female known to the caller allegedly wiping personal information from his cellphone during a move. After further discussion police were able to to determine that there was not enough evidence in order to pursue the matter.

5:18 PM - while on patrol officers conducted a traffic stop on a red Mazda Protege after witnessing the female driver using her cellphone while stopped at a red light. Upon further checks of the driver police confirmed she did not have a valid driver's licence. The driver of the vehicle was charged under the Traffic Safety Act for using her cellphone while operating a motor vehicle & for driving without a valid driver's licence. The passenger of the vehicle who was the registered owner of the vehicle was charged under the Traffic Safety Act for allowing an unlicenced driver to operate his vehicle.

7:13 PM - while on patrol officers came across an extension cord in front of a business on Central Avenue N. The property was placed into the Detachment lost & found.

8:10 PM - report of the caller having posts made about her on social media that the caller feels are threatening. Police were able to review the posts that had been made & determined nothing said was criminal in nature.

9:48 PM - 911 call from a female advising someone was ringing her door bell & she was too afraid to take a look to see who was out there. Officers attended the location & searched the yard, street & alley but no one was able to be located. Police spoke with the caller & reviewed video footage from the security system & no one could be seen at the door suggesting there may have been a malfunction with the door bell.

9:54 PM - 911 open line call from a business on the 2000 block of North Service Road E. Officers attended the business & determined no emergency was taking place after ensuring the business was secure. Police confirmed there was no staff at the business & no cars could be seen in the parking lot.

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