The following is a synopsis of calls for service for the dates indicated for the Swift Current RCMP last weekend:


5:41 PM - report of threats being uttered to a third party. This matter is still under investigation.

5:58 PM - report of a female child running down North Service Road E. alone & not wearing appropriate clothing for the weather. Officers located the child & she was returned to her parent.

8:03 PM - message was received on the Detachment telephone advising that the caller's daughter's vehicle had been smoking. Upon returning the phone call the caller stated he'd contacted the Fire Department. Police attended the caller's location where Fire Department was on scene. The vehicle battery had been disconnected & would require repairs.

8:27 PM - 911 call of a single vehicle collision involving a red Jeep Liberty on 2nd Avenue S.E. Officers attended the location & learned the vehicle driver had over corrected her steering resulting in a collision with a guard rail. Police determined the vehicle driver was not impaired. No one was injured as a result of the collision & no one was charged.

8:32 PM - request to have a peace bond put in place against another individual. This matter is still under investigation.

9:25 PM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a black Ford F150 for failing to use headlights at night or during poor visibility.

11:43 PM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a brown Toyota Sequoia for holding, viewing , using or manipulating a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle.

MA Y-0

12:12 AM - request to attend the residence of a next of kin & advise them of a family member's passing. Officers attended & notified the family.

12:34 AM - while on patrol officer issued a ticket to the driver of a green Dodge Ram for failing to wear their seatbelt. The driver was also given a written warning for failing to obey a stop sign.

4:21 AM - report of an altercation between a female & her daughter at the caller's residence. Officers attended the location & spoke to all parties involved & determined nothing physical had taken place & no threats were made, the altercation had been verbal. The caller was confident that everyone would go to bed. No charges were laid in relation to the incident.

4:57 AM - report of a male breaching his court ordered conditions not to consume alcohol. The caller stated they had observed the male purchasing alcohol & was likely at his girlfriend's residence now. Officers attended the address provided by the caller & no one answered.

5:18 AM -while on patrol officers conducted a check on a female who is on a court ordered curfew. The female was not home. The female will be charged with breaching her probation order under the Criminal Code.

8: 10 PM - report of five males running across the roof of a location on the 2000 block of Chaplin Street East. Officers attended & located three male youth. All boys were given verbal warnings about their actions & all parents of the boys were notified as well.

10:20 PM - request to assist EMS at a residence on the 400 block of 7th Avenue N.E. with a male who was having some mental health concerns & may have a weapon. Officers attended the location & conducted a search of the male & his belongings to confirm he had no weapons. Once cleared the male agreed to go with EMS to the hospital for evaluation.

10:33 PM - report of five unknown people in a residence on the 300 block of 6th Avenue N.W. The house has been up for sale for quite some time & the caller thinks someone who has been working at the house during the day is inside. Officers attended the residence & spoke to the occupants, one who had recently started renting the property & has been completing renovations during the day.

11:28 PM - 911 call of a suicidal male. Officers attended & located the individual who was taken to hospital for evaluation.

11:42 PM - report of an alarm at a business on the 1100 block of South Service Road E. While on their way to the business police were notified by the keyholder that they were no longer required . The business had reviewed the video footage & there was no disturbances & it was a false alarm.


12:36 AM - report of a female who is on a curfew & on electronic monitoring not being at her residence. Officers attended the residence where the female was at home & had been sleeping. Police determined there must of been some kind of problem with bracelet & phone line.

11:39 AM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a white Freightliner semi for parking in a no-parking zone.

1:39 PM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a brown Kia Sportage for failing to obey a stop sign.

2:10 PM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning to the driver of a blue Dodge Caravan for failing to obey a stop sign.

3:25 PM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a red Dodge Ram for holding an electronic communication device while driving.

3:59 PM - report of the caller's neighbour leaving his vehicles running & they're very loud. Officers made a patrol of the 0 block of 5th Avenue N.E. but did not hear any loud vehicles.

7:56 PM - while on patrol officers conducted a traffic stop on a male who is on a court ordered curfew. Police were able to confirm with his probation officer that the male had approval to be out of his residence.

8:45 PM -report of a green Chevrolet truck revving its engine while parked at the caller's neighbour's residence. This has been reported previously by the caller. A plate number was able to be obtained. This matter is still under investigation.

10:15 PM - report of a noise complaint at a dwelling unit on the 300 block of 1st Avenue N.W. Officers attended the complex & no excessive noise could be heard.

11:18 PM - report of a male & female screaming at each other in the alley behind a residence on the 900 block of North Street & then after being yelled at by the caller to quiet down they got into a black SUV & left the area. Officers attended the location & just after arriving the female returned to the area. Police spoke with the female & she confirmed nothing physical had taken place, she'd been arguing with her spouse.

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