A lot of welfare checks last weekend

A summary of the calls for service by the RCMP detachment in Swift Current


4:53 PM - 911 call of a suspicious white Ford F150 parked in the parking lot of a dwelling unit situated on the 1100 block of 9th Avenue NE. The caller advised the vehicle has been running, unoccupied for approximately 24 hours. Officers spoke to the owner of the vehicle who resides in the complex. She had left her keys in the ignition by mistake & was not aware of it.

5:20 PM - report of an abandoned property that has become a hangout spot for some local youth. The complainant attended with his minor daughter to report what's been occurring. The youth was given a verbal warning from police about staying off the property & potential consequences if she & her friends continue to go there.

7:29 PM - report of a possible assault after a potential "drug deal" gone wrong on the O block of 13th Avenue SE. The caller advised a male outside a property looked like he'd been beat up & then got into a black Chevrolet Impala traveling towards South Railway Street. Officers attended the residence & spoke to the property owners who denied any kind of altercation. Police conducted neighbourhood inquiries but no one had seen or heard anything.

8:34 PM - report of a pop up vendor event taking place on Sunday October 4th in Swift Current. The caller had concerns about a potential COVID outbreak based on the restrictions they read on the Government website. The caller was advised their complaint would be documented & officers would follow up with Public Health about the event.

8:50 PM - while on patrol officers conducted a traffic stop on a grey Volkswagen Jetta. Police determined the driver of the vehicle had a suspended driver's licence & was issued a ticket for operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver's licence & the vehicle was impounded.

8:52 PM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on the caller's adult daughter. The caller advised she'd been getting text messages from her daughter, the last one saying "sorry" & now cannot get a hold of her. Officers attended the daughter's residence. She was home, well & had been sleeping when her mother was trying to reach her.

9:04 PM - report of a "creepy" male standing on the off ramp of the #1 Highway onto #4 Highway. Officers contacted the complainant who advised the male as now lying down in the trees near the off ramp. Officers attended the area & made patrols but were unable to locate the male.

9:39 PM - report of two youth on quads with no lights on in the area of Battleford Trail & 11th Avenue NW. The caller was concerned they may get injured or cause an accident with it being dark & hard to see them. Officers made patrols of the area & used spot lights to search the fields but were unable to locate anyone on quads.


12:54 AM - 911 call of a fight between two males at an establishment on the 1100 block of Central Avenue N. The caller believes both males are intoxicated & there are possible injuries. Officers attended the location where the fight had been broken up prior to their arrival. Both males were arrested by police for causing a disturbance & held in police custody.Upon further investigation police determined one male was the aggressor in the conflict. Both males were eventually released from custody on conditions. Both males will each be charged with one count of causing a disturbance, however one of the males will also be charged with one count of assault under the Criminal Code.

11 :14 AM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on the caller's employee who he hasn't heard from today. The caller advised his employee was involved in a fight the night prior & was arrested but wanted to make sure he was still at the Detachment. The caller was notified that the male was still in police custody & would be released.

11:40 AM - 911 call of a pregnant female being "delirious" in a business & then walking down the #1 Highway. Officers made patrols & located the female who was not pregnant, hitchhiking & okay. She advised police she is trying to get to Calgary.

1:09 PM - request to conduct a wellbeing check on the caller's daughter who has been staying with a male in Swift Current & the caller has not been getting any responses to his text messages & phone calls. The female attended the Detachment the following day after seeing a post on social media made by one of her family members saying she was missing & wanted police to know she was not.

1:53 PM - while on patrol officers issued an inspection ticket to the driver of a grey Mercury Cougar to have a proper muffler installed on the vehicle.

2:46 PM - while on patrol officers issued an inspection ticket to the driver of a orange Chevrolet Blazer to have proper mud flaps installed & a proper wiper installed on the rear windshield of the vehicle.

2:26 PM - 911 call of a window being broken on the caller's property. The caller was the owner of the property & suspected her tenant's ex-girlfriend was responsible for the damage. The caller advised it looked as if a rock had been thrown at the window & there was also damage to the screen. This matter is still under investigation.

2:45 PM - report of two vehicles being parked in the grocery pick up area at a business on the 1800 block of Memorial Drive with a dog trying to get out of one of the vehicles. The caller thought this was suspicious as there was a male & female sitting down by the bushes in the same area. Officers made patrols of the area & did not locate any vehicles.

4:22 PM - request from EMS for police assistance at a dwelling unit on the 100 block of 2nd Avenue NW. An adult male

who'd suffered a medical emergency was confused & belligerent with EMS staff. Officers attended the location & were no longer needed as the male had calmed down. The male was transported to hospital by EMS for evaluation.

5:03 PM - while on patrol officers issued a ticket to the driver of a green Mercury Grand Marquis for failing to wear their seatbelt.

5:24 PM - while on patrol officers issued a written warning ticket to the driver of a red Honda Civic for failing to wear their seatbelt.

7:52 PM - request from an intoxicated female to find contact information for her son because she loves him & wants him back in her life. Police were familiar with the female caller & have a history of her contacting police when she's intoxicated with various requests. Police spoke with the caller who was advised they would not be getting involved in problems between her & her son. After hanging up the female called police again to advise that she had contacted her ex-husband in order to get her son's phone number & wanted to let us know she did not like the officer she'd been speaking to earlier.

8:27 PM - report of several deer in the Ashley Park area & the caller's dog had gotten loose, chased them & when one of them attempted to get away from the dog it ran into a fence injuring itself & was now not getting up. Police contacted Conservation to attend to the injured deer.


10:14 AM - report of a female crying, walking back & forth in front of a commercial dwelling unit on the 900 block of North Service Road E. Officers attended the area & located the female who was intoxicated. Police arrested the female for public intoxication, drove her home & released her into the care of her grandmother. No criminal charges were laid in relation to the incident.

1:00 PM - report of an assault. The caller stated he was hit with a cane by a female known to the caller. This matter is still under investigation.

10:16 PM - 911 call of a white Nissan Xterra travelling east bound in the westbound lane of the #1 Highway. Police made patrols & located the vehicle travelling in the correct lane of the highway but at a very slow rate of speed. Police conducted a traffic stop & upon speaking with the vehicle driver police determined she needed medical attention. EMS was dispatched to the location & EMS transported the driver to the hospital for evaluation & police had the vehicle towed from the scene. No criminal charges were laid in relation to the incident.

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