Taekwondo Tournament in Alberta a success

Callie Ebner placed first for the “Manual Speed Kicking” competition, which measures the number of kicks performed in 30 seconds, at the Alberta Open Online Taekwondo Tournament.

Seven competitors from Swift Current Christian Taekwondo earned first, second and third-place recognition thanks to outstanding performances at the Alberta Open Online Taekwondo Tournament.

“I’m really happy with the results and effort these students put forward,” said Head Instructor of Swift Current Christian Taekwondo, Gary Voysey. “This was the first time this competition was hosted online. These students train on a regular basis, so it was a matter of taking a day to video performances and then send them in.”

Results were announced May 29 and include:

·         Callie Ebner – 1st Place – Manual Speed Kicking

·         Carlos Marques Peralta- 1st Place – Recreational Poomsae

·         Emmett Hardenne- 1st Place – Recreational Poomsae

·         Kya Yates- 1st Place – Recreational Poomsae

·         Logan Ebner- 1st Place – Recreational Poomsae

·         Marlee Sebo- 2nd Place – Recreational Poomsae

·         Callie Ebner- 3rd Place – Recreational Poomsae

·         Ethan Klassen- 3rd Place – Recreational Poomsae

The 2021 Alberta Open Online Tournament offered both video and live components, including poomsae (patterns), board breaking events and “crazy competitions” including water balloon breaking (with a kick). “Athletes from across the country participated and there were a large variety of competitions to choose from – some serious, and some not so serious – it was well organized and we had a lot of fun with this one” said Voysey.

Swift Current Christian Taekwondo is host to about 130 members and has served the southwest for over 9 years. They offer a variety of online and face-to-face classes and programs for all ages. For more information or to sign up for a trial class, visit www.christiantkd.com .


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