Award winners

The beard awards listed above. 

The Virtual Awards 

Grand Award : Riverview Village Estates 

Reserve Grand Award : Haunted Town of Lil-Sur-Mur 

Best Depicting Theme 

1st Place – Rubberstone SW Sask 

2nd Place – Nu West Interiors 

Best Volunteer / Non-Profit Entry 

1st Place – Canadian Mental Health Association 

2nd Place – Speedy Creek Model Railroad 

Best Commercial / Business Entry 

1st Place – Shoppers Drug Mart 

2nd Place – Urban Cellars 

Best Yard & Garden Entry 

1st Place – Wynn Reid, 444 8th Ave NE 

2nd Place – Danielle Dyck, 328 3rd Ave NE 

Best Cultural Entry 

1st Place – Newcomer Welcome Centre 

Best of the Southwest 

1st Place – Jane Lubkiwski 

Honorable Mentions- City of Swift Current & Unforgettable You 

City of Swift Current 

Virtual Frontier Days week 2020 was a true celebration of Spirit of the West: Past & Present

This year, we announced with great excitement that the theme for Frontier Days 2020 would be “The Spirit of the West, Past and Present” We had shows, events, and entertainment booked that did just that.

Due to Covid 19, we faced a bit of a challenge. Our plans had to be changed and adjusted. We set forth on the path of the virtual version of Frontier Days. Our goal Like the Kinetic Club that was founded in 1935 was to lift the community by celebrating the tradition set forth by those dedicated young men.

On Behalf of the Swift current Ag & Ex Board of Directors we thank you for joining us on the Virtual Fair Ride. We thank, our sponsors, volunteers, our community and the whole Southwest for your continued support. We wanted to ensure the community remained safe but also have some fun. Even though you did not see Frontier Days up close and in person like previous years, we still did experience lots of fun virtually with The Spirit of West Parade Tour, coloring contest, T-shirt Design Contest, Blast From The Past Talent Show, Taste The Fair, & the Barbering Co. Bring’n back the beard contest.

Thank you to the following Taste of the Fair participating restaurants and to the community who supported and enjoyed all the fabulous Fair food and sweet treats.

The Akropol Next Door Cocktail Lounge

Buffalo Brew Pub

Dairy King

Family PIZZA - Swift Current

Nightjar Diner Co.,

O'Rudys Creek House

Original Joe's

Spoon & Bowl Bistro

Urban Ground

About the Swift Current Ag & Ex Chute is always open at 306-773-2944

The Swift Current Ag & Ex, a non-profit organization dedicated to our mandate of providing service to and enhance the life of residents within the community and the region in the areas of agriculture, entertainment, sport and culture. Since 1938 Swift Current Frontier Days Fair and Rodeo is committed to benefiting youth, supporting education, and aiding better agricultural practices through exhibitions and presentation.

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