Wrestling with the best

Titans wrestler Carter Stad stands on one leg to counter a move by Drayton Clendenan of the Hawks Wrestling Club.

The Swift Current Titans Wrestling Club's annual tournament continues to grow. This year's event was not only the largest in the tournament's history, but it was the biggest tournament in Saskatchewan. The 20th annual Swift Current Titans Classic was held in the Swift Current Comprehensive High School gymnasium, Jan. 26. It was attended by about 360 wrestlers from 18 teams that came from across Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Below are the results for the Swift Current Titans Wrestling Club at their home tournament:

First – Avery Giesbrecht (Freshie 24-26), Zion Van Der Berg (Freshie 35-37), Carter Stad (Novice 25-25), Mack Henderson (Novice 27-27), Jackson Gording-Dovell (Novice 47-48), Chase Auseth (Novice 51-54), Chaz Vandendort (Bantam Male 34-38), Aleah Nickel (Cadet/Juvenile Female 59-63), Sebastien Marchand (Cadet/Juvenile Male 67-73).

Second – Hudson Tardif (Freshie 35-37), Bryden Donaldson-Elder (Freshie 41-42), Jamie Robertson (Novice 32-35), Lake Tardif (Peewee Male 45-46), Talon Tumback (Peewee Male 52-53), Luke Nelson (Cadet/Juvenile Male 67-73), Elijah Harden (Cadet/Juvenile Male 75-81).

Third – Colt Auseth (Freshie 20-21), Gemma Tumback (Freshie 28-30), Emmett Hardenne (Novice 23-25), Cole Hart (Novice 51-54), Colter Folk (Peewee Male 30-31), Maryk Gording-Dovell (Peewee Male 31-34), Owen Sletten (Peewee Male 36-40), Maddex Barber (Peewee Male 41-43), Walter Hunter-Adashynski (Peewee Male 52-53), Hayden Giesbrecht (Peewee Male 61-67), Skyler Vandendort (Bantam Female 39-42).

Fourth – Olin Jacobson (Freshie 22-23A), Alex Hyde (Peewee Male 36-40), Ethan Peters (Peewee Male 47-50), Dominic Bonogofski (Bantam Male 43-48), Titus Erick (Bantam Male (47-52), Parker Robertson (Bantam Male 53-58).

Fifth – Gabe Empiringham (Novice 22-23), Ryder Donaldson-Elder (Novice 25-26), Emmet Toney (Novice 26-27), Ezra Williams (Peewee Male 34-36), Joran Gryde (Bantam Male 47-52), Morgan Hilmoe (Bantam Male 64-69).

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