The North American Center for Threat Assessment & Trauma Response (NACTATR) recently releasedtheir 10th Edition of a specialized Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Protocol.

This current information supported the drafting of the third revision of the southwest Sask. Community Violence Threat Assessment and Support Protocol: A Collaborative Response to Assessing Violence Potential Southwest Saskatchewan Region.

The Chinook School Division, Holy Trinity Catholic School Division and Great Plains College, along with their Community Protocol Partners, have redeclared their continued commitment to embracing and enhancing a multi-disciplinary approach to respond to potential threats in our schools and communities.

The renewal of this protocol reflects current scientific research from experts, including medical and mental health professionals, law enforcement and specialists in the field of threat management.

The signatories include the following Community Protocol Partners:

● Saskatchewan Health Authority – Mental Health and Addiction Services


● Ministry of Social Services

● Ministry of Justice

This protocol fosters timely sharing of information about persons of concern who pose a risk for violence towards themselves or others. The protocol promotes supportive and preventive plans being put in place.

"These Protocols promote a common language and understanding of the VTRA model, makes use of a broad range of expertise, and solidifies the importance of the multidisciplinary approach that has proved to be so beneficial. Protocols foster timely collaboration and sharing of information about children/youth who pose a risk for violence towards themselves or others while respecting an individual’s right to privacy to the fullest extent possible. These protocols also promote supportive interventions and preventative plans being put into place." – North American Center for Threat Assessment & Trauma Response

Violence prevention in our schools and neighbourhoods is a shared community responsibility. All community partners work together to promote and maintain safety and to strive to prevent violence.

Community Violence Threat Assessment and Support Protocol

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