City gets help with snow removal

With in excess of 50 centimetres of snow hitting Swift Current and the surrounding region Sunday, City crews will be working hard to get a handle on accumulated snow on City streets and roadways over the next several days. 

“This is a significant amount of snow that we’re dealing with,” said Tim Marcus, the City of Swift Current’s Chief Administrative Officer. “Our crews have been – and will continue to – hit the streets hard until the job is done. We’ve been very fortunate that three local contractors have stepped up and offered their assistance, with manpower and equipment, to help us get a handle on this.”

The three local contractors – MasTec Canada, Knudsen Excavating and Mobile Paving – generously stepped forward to offer City crews a helping hand following Sunday’s major snowstorm.

“We’re incredibly grateful to these local firms for their help,” said Marcus. “This is a great reminder that in Swift Current, friends and neighbours step up and help one another when it is needed.”

Over the next few days, snow removal will be focused first on main arterial roads that typically carry larger volumes of traffic, as well as ensuring Emergency Services vehicles can safely deploy as needed. As these areas are completed, crews will move to more residential areas. Additionally, the initial efforts of crews will prioritize snow clearing to provide roadway access, which may involve creating temporary snowbanks for later removal.

“If you are able to, the safest plan right now is to stay home,” Marcus reminds citizens. “Snow clearing and removal of this magnitude is going to take time, and there are many streets and highways that are not recommended for travel at this point.”

Residents are reminded that all the latest updates with regards to snow removal and facility closures will be regularly posted on the City’s social media channels, which can be found at and

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