New option for Swift Current

Swift Current residents now have another option to go green and recycle materials through the use of a blue recycle cart.

Triways Disposal Services is offering single-stream recycling as a convenient way for Swift Current households to divert recyclable materials from the local landfill.

“We are very excited to finally offer single stream recycling to Swift Current,” Triways General Manager Noel Cattell said. “Since the launch on May 20 we've been overwhelmed by all of the positive responses we've received so far. The residents seemed very excited to finally actually have the option to do that in the city.”

Residents who sign up for this service will receive a blue recycle cart in which they can place all allowable recyclable materials for curbside collection once every two weeks.

“Single stream recycling with the blue cart is very easy for everyone to just throw it into the cart, instead of having to have five or six different containers to sort,” she said. “That's one of the major benefits that the cart provides.”

The single-stream recycling service offered by Triways Disposal Services is an alternative to the existing recycling service available at the City of Swift Current’s multi-material recycle depot. Residents who take recyclable materials to the City depot have to separate allowable items and place it in the different containers provided at the facility.

Sorting and separation of materials are not required in the case of the single-stream recycling option. Customers can place all the materials unsorted in their blue recycle cart.

“If they do choose to take the cart for the program, then everything that the depot accepts you can put in the cart,” she explained. “The only things we do not accept, and that's at the depot or our program, are plastic bags, plastic wrap, the number one food containers, and glass.”

A blue recycle cart is similar in size to the black carts that Swift Current residents are already using for their weekly household waste collection service.

Triways Disposal Services is a Swift Current based company that provides waste and recycling services in the city and surrounding areas. It has been the contractor for the City of Swift Current’s residential waste removal service since 2014 and the company is also the hauler of the containers at the City’s multi-material recycle depot.

The new single-stream recycling service is provided by the company as a separate option from its contract with the City, after receiving the green light from the City to offer this service.

Triways Disposal Services has already been offering single-stream curbside recycling for several years as a service in other communities in southwest Saskatchewan.

“We started in some of our smaller communities in 2013,” she noted. “There's always been interest in the program and Triways has been offering single stream for many years in the other areas of the southwest. So by offering the program it's just another way to help the residents right now to recycle easily without having to sort their material.”

The first pickup for blue recyclable carts in Swift Current will take place on June 9. Triways Disposal Services will transport the material to Crown Shred and Recycling in Regina, where the material will be separated and sorted.

“We hope that there is no contamination,” Cattell said. “We kind of go through it quickly and then we bale it here at our facility. Then once it's baled, we wait until we get a semi load and we ship it to Crown Shred and Recycling in Regina. Then from there they sort it and then it's shipped to market.”

The single-stream blue carts can be used to recycle the different allowable material, including paper and cardboard, aluminum and tin, and plastic. Households that sign up for the service will receive details on materials that can be placed in their carts. The cost of the single-stream recycling service is $149 per year plus tax. More information is available on the company’s website at

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