Richardson Pioneer contributes to Summer Games

Friends of the Games Director Scott Cassidy (at left) and BJ Krywulak, director of operations at the Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centre in Swift Current, stand at the Highland Coulee cross-country mountain bike course during the cheque presentation, July 25.

One of the largest corporate sponsorships for the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games is provided by Richardson Pioneer for a key legacy project of the event.

The agribusiness company is providing a signature level sponsorship of $75,000 to the Summer Games for the Highland Coulee cross-country mountain bike course.

BJ Krywulak, director of operations at the Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centre in Swift Current, made the cheque presentation to Friends of the Games Director Scott Cassidy at the mountain bike course, July 25.

“Giving back to communities that we do business with is a very real part of our company culture,” he said. “Richardson is dedicated to be a positive presence in our communities, in our industry and in the world around us. … We are particularly excited to be a part of creating the Highland Coulee trails project, which has been designed to host the mountain bike and eliminator cycling events at the Games and ultimately a lasting legacy for the community of Swift Current.”

The cross-country mountain bike course in Highland Coulee, next to 11th Avenue NW, is one of two new sport venues in Swift Current created for the Summer Games. The other one is the beach volleyball courts in Riverside Park.

According to Krywaluk the sponsorship for a legacy project was very appealing to the company when it gave consideration to supporting the Summer Games.

“It feels like the best fit for the demographic that our company deals with,” he said. “It's good community involvement, it's the kind of thing that the company does fund – wellness, health, et cetera.”

Cassidy noted that Richardson Pioneer is one of only two sponsors at the signature level, each contributing $75,000 in support of the Summer Games. The other signature partner is Saskatchewan Lotteries.

“The partnership with Richardson Pioneer is a fantastic partnership with the whole Games in general, 23 months in the making almost to the day from the initial contact to the final confirmation,” he said. “Richardson is an old family in western Canada, head offices in Manitoba in Winnipeg, and they've really seen the value in our Games, and really connected with it.”

Swift Current area residents will continue to use these legacy projects after the Summer Games. In the case of the mountain bike course it can be used by bikers, hikers, runners and in the winter by snowshoers.

There will be other legacies from the Summer Games. Sports equipment used during different events will be donated to various local and regional sports organizations. For example, new wrestling mats will be used at the wrestling competition in the Swift Current Comprehensive High School gymnasium, and those mats will remain in the school afterwards.

“That's an important part for all of us in this community to celebrate these Games here and just enjoy the 10 days that they're here, and then afterwards continue to enjoy what the Games has brought us,” Cassidy said.

Over 1,700 athletes, coaches, officials and mission staff from Alberta, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and Yukon will attend the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games from Aug. 9-18. For more information about the event, to buy tickets or to volunteer, visit the website

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