SaskAbilities contributes to Swift Current

SaskAbilities does a lot of beneficial work in Swift Current. Here, the City of Swift Current officially proclaimed Sept. 1-7 as SaskAbilities Awareness Week during a regular council meeting, Aug. 26. From left to right, SaskAbilities client volunteers Danny Goebel and Denise Legault, Mayor Denis Perrault, SaskAbilities client volunteers Carrie Funk and Cody Lynne Lingenfelter, and SaskAbilities Community Connector Dillon Currie.

The Saskatchewan government will continue to fund employment services provided by SaskAbilities Partners in Employment in Swift Current.

The Ministry of Immigration and Career Training announced the renewal of the annual contract with SaskAbilities Partners in Employment in Swift Current on Nov. 27, which will provide the organization with a funding allocation of $236,290.

“We’re very pleased with the continued investment in SaskAbilities Partners in Employment and the work we do,” SaskAbilities Program Manager Jayda Watson said. “Their support means a lot to us as an organization and our ability to support the clients and employers in our community.”

This provincial contract is vital to provide Partners in Employment with the financial resources for its programs in Swift Current.

“It is the majority of the funding that we receive for Partners in Employment,” she said.

Swift Current MLA Everett Hindley welcomed the announcement and noted that it is a continuation of the provincial government’s strong partnership with SaskAbilities and Partners in Employment.

“Partners in Employment and SaskAbilities have such an amazing track record in Swift Current and southwest Saskatchewan,” he said. “There’s a reason that SaskAbilities is presented with the Member Business of the Year award by the Swift Current and District Chamber of Commerce, and it’s because of the dedication that they’ve had to this community for decades.”

Partners in Employment follows a client-centered approach to assist job seekers with a diverse range of skills, abilities and education to meet their career goals and to find sustainable employment. Staff provide specialized career and employment services to clients.

Hindley felt the service provided by Partners in Employment helps to create a caring community for everyone.

“It really does lend to the type of community where all of us are proud to be in a community that’s open and welcoming and is willing to give folks with disabilities not only a chance to succeed, but they do succeed when they get into these jobs,” he said. “I think that’s a benefit to everybody in our city and the more we can support that the better.”

He added that businesses and organizations in Swift Current and in southwest Saskatchewan also benefit from the services provided by Partners in Employment.

“It helps them gain a greater awareness of employing those with disabilities, and there are some great stories right here in Swift Current,” he said. “You don’t have to go too far to find folks that have been helped by the Partners in Employment program and they’ve got amazing jobs with businesses in Swift Current. It’s such a great story, and it’s something that we want to be able to continue to support, and is proud to support the program going forward.”

The Saskatchewan government recently announced a new 10-year growth plan. Hindley said support programs for people with disabilities will help to achieve some of the goals in that plan.

“We continue to focus on immigration to help fill some of the specialized jobs or some of the openings in our province, but part of helping us reach that goal of 100,000 more people working in this province are those with disabilities,” he mentioned. “Those that might just need a little bit of help, that have some amazing skills and it’s a matter of helping them and partnering them with the right employer and the right organization that will suit their needs and suit their abilities. That’s why I think this is an important reinvestment in that particular contract, because we always want to be trying to do more to have those with long-term disabilities engaged in not only the communities, but in the workforce as well.”

According to Watson the Partners in Employment office in Swift Current provides support to over 1,800 jobseekers a year in their employment search and the office is also a resource to hundreds of employers.

“This year we worked with over 350 employers, and supported 130 of the 1,800 jobseekers in securing employment,” she said.

There are four full-time staff and a part-time position at the Partners in Employment office in Swift Current. Staff will assist clients through the entire job search process.

“So right from how to build a resume, interview skills, to helping them on their first day of employment, navigate that, and working with the employer to establish what their expectations are to assist the jobseeker in learning those expectations to support them to be successful,” she said.

Partners in Employment will work with a variety of employers in basically every sector of the local economy.

“We work with employers to assist in connecting them with qualified jobseekers to meet their labour market needs,” she said. “We also work with them on reaching into maybe a different pool of jobseekers that they might not otherwise be aware of.”

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