A pair of videos featuring Saskatchewan family doctors are aimed at reminding patients that -- despite the COVID-19 pandemic -- they can still have their health concerns addressed by their family physician by telephone, video chat, or in-person.

The videos produced as a partnership by the Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians (SCFP) and Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA), are part of a campaign encouraging patients not to ignore their health needs or put off seeking care -- particularly if they have chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or depression. Research shows that chronic diseases are better managed through regular, ongoing contact with care providers, and that seeing the same doctor over time helps patients live longer and have better health outcomes.

The videos are being shared on social media by the two professional organizations, which represent physicians in the province. They also appear on a number of news and health-related websites. You can see the videos here: https://sk.cfpc.ca/patients/your-doctor-will-see-you-now/

SCFP president Dr. Myles Deutscher, a Saskatoon family physician, says the groups want patients to know it’s okay to reach out to their family doctor. “It’s important we remind people that while there are still active cases of COVID in Saskatchewan, they are not burdening the health system by seeking care,” says Dr. Deutscher. “Avoiding care can lead to exacerbations in people with chronic diseases, which is why it’s so critical that they not put off seeking care.”

SMA president Dr. Barb Konstantynowicz, a family physician from Regina, says family physicians across the province are continuing to provide high-quality care to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Through virtual and in-person appointments, we are helping keep Saskatchewan people safe and well."

The videos close with family physicians Drs. Natasha Kalra, Dawne Pierce, and Andries Muller reminding patients: “We are here...for you.”

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