Imagine if, after stopping for a few after-work drinks, you drove through a crosswalk and killed two children.

SGI’s latest impaired driving awareness campaign asks viewers: Could you live with yourself?

Let’s hope you never have to find out.

Impaired driving carries significant legal and financial consequences, and they are even more severe when they involve a collision that kills or injures someone.

But what about the less obvious consequences from killing someone because of impaired driving? The guilt. The shame. The impact on your family, your job, and your reputation.

“Some decisions are absolutely life-changing,” said Minister Responsible for SGI Don Morgan. “If you decide to drive impaired and that decision costs someone else their life, you will experience a lifetime of regret.”

The campaign includes the voices of two prominent anti-impaired driving advocates. 

Linda and Lou Van de Vorst know all too well the devastation that can come from impaired driving. They are the parents of Jordan Van de Vorst.

Jordan, his wife Chanda and their young children Kamryn (age 5) and Miguire (age 2) were killed by an impaired driver in 2016.

“If you’ve been drinking, please make the right choice to get home safely,” implores Linda.

“You could save a life. Or an entire family,” adds Lou.

The campaign runs throughout February and features a 60-second video that will air on television, online and in cinemas. The campaign also includes radio, billboard and newspaper advertising, and specially designed mirror decals that will be strategically placed in licensed establishments.

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