On Saturday, November 2, the Swift Current Fire Department responded to a request for Mutual Aid from the Gull Lake Fire Department, which was on-scene attending to a person trapped in a trench collapse near the Town of Hazlet.

When the Swift Current Fire Department arrived near the scene, the RCMP had staged a car at the correct gravel road so that all responding units were able to find the emergency scene quickly. Upon arrival, Gull Lake Firefighters had gained access to the trapped victim, had removed some soil from around the victim’s upper body, and were securing the trench to prevent further collapse. When Swift Current Fire Department members arrived, they assessed the situation and began victim removal procedures. Swift Current Fire Department used a backhoe as a high-angle change of direction and attached a haul system with a Firefighter to be lowered down into the trench.

Once the Firefighter was lowered down into the collapsed trench, he packaged the victim into a harness, attached himself to the victim, and then signaled for the haul team to lift them out together. Swift Current Fire Department ground crews then hoisted the rescuer and the victim manually using the haul system. Once the Firefighter and the victim were out of the trench, Gull Lake Ambulance assumed patient care and transported the victim to the hospital. Mutual aid between the Swift Current Fire Department, the Gull Lake Fire Department, RCMP and Gull Lake Ambulance was a key factor to the successful outcome for the trapped victim.

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