Mavericks congratulates students

Maverick School staff and administration in Swift Current were proud to announce the following 2019-2020 graduates, the largest in the school’s history.

Due to the pandemic and publicx distancing rules, traditional ceremonies were cancelled but they did have COVID-19 safe celebrations.

The graduates included: Jacey Bates; Christian Jeffries; Bailey Padley; Mitchell Clarke; Klyrissa Johnson; Amber Pare; Destiny Fehr; Rory Kequahtooway; Robert Schumann; Kaelen Flaterud; Raeanne Korchynski; Rebecca Korchynski; Savannah Smith; Clay Geissler; Travis Sparks; Ara Ginter; Carson Lacher; Sara Sutherland; Max Ginter; Mikayla Lemay; Carsten Tardif; Kaia Hessie; Riley Lie; Glenna Urbanoski; Keawna Hettinger; Jaxson MacDonald; Kyler Westbury; Karsyn Mehler.

Graduation Award Recipients 

Ron Thurbide Memorial Bursary $500 - Sara Sutherland;

Innovation Credit Union Spirit Award $500 - Bailey Padley;

Leonard Family Control Theory Award $250 each  - Sara Sutherland and Rebecca Korchynski;

Maverick School Student Parent Award $500 -  Keawna Hettinger;

Maverick School Resilience Award $500 - Amber Pare;

Maverick School Post-Secondary Scholarship $500 - Kaia Hessie.

Bryan Tallon Memorial Awards

Educational Studies Award $500 - Rebecca Korchynski;

Persistence Awards $500 ea - Ara Ginter & Klyrissa Johnson.

Additional Awards 

Pioneer Cooperative Bursary $500 – Kaia Hessie;

Drug Strategy Action Committee Bursary $1000 - Keawna Hettinger;

Great Plains College Entrance Scholarship $1500 – Keawna Hettinger;

Great Plains College Entrance Scholarship $500 – Rebecca Korchynski  ;

Great Plains College Entrance Scholarship $2500 – Raeanne Korchynski;

SW Association of Early Childhood Educators’ Bursary $500 - Klyrissa Johnson.

“From all of us at Maverick a very big congratulations to the graduates,” said Jayne Nicholson in a statement. “We wish you much happiness and success as you continue your journeys. We will miss you.”

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