RCMP and the City honours three heroes

Three RCMP officers received plaques at a City of Swift Current council meeting to recognize their actions to save the lives of two individuals. From left to right, Const. Colby Rennie, Const. Ashton LeClair, Mayor Al Bridal, and Const. Joseph Muntz.

The quick action of RCMP officers saved the lives of two individuals in Swift Current who were unconscious and stopped breathing.

Constables Joseph Muntz, Ashton LeClair and Colby Rennie from the RCMP City detachment in Swift Current administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) after responding to recent emergency calls in the city.

Their lifesaving actions were recognized during a presentation made by Swift Current Mayor Al Bridal during a regular council meeting, April 6.

He provided details about the two incidents and thereafter presented special plaques on behalf of the City of Swift Current and the community to the three officers.

Both lifesaving efforts occurred on the same weekend in March. Const. Muntz was off-duty on March 20 when he heard a collision in the back alley behind his home at around 4 p.m.

“Const. Muntz immediately went to provide assistance and discovered a male passenger in a vehicle had stopped breathing and was unconscious,” Bridal said. “Const. Muntz assisted the occupants in removing the unresponsive male from the vehicle, 911 was contacted, and emergency personnel were dispatched. The constable began first aid and CPR.”

Constables LeClair and Rennie responded to the 911 call and they arrived first on the scene. They took over the administration of CPR to the unconscious man until his heart rate returned and he started to breath again on his own. EMS also arrived on the scene and continued his care. The individual was taken to hospital, where he was examined and later released.

The second lifesaving incident occurred on March 21 after the RCMP received a 911 call at 2:07 p.m. about a one-year-old child who was unconscious and not breathing. Const. LeClair responded and arrived first on the scene, where he took over CPR and first aid from the child’s father. The efforts by the officer were successful and the child started to breath again.

“EMS arrived and took over the care of the infant,” Bridal said. “The child was transported to the hospital, where he was held for observation overnight.”

He expressed gratitude towards the three officers on behalf of the City and the entire community for their actions to save the lives of two individuals.

“You have our sincere appreciation for this,” he said. “We often hear about heroic efforts in the news, but when acts such as these take place in our very own backyard and the heroes are members of our community, we get a true sense of the impact that emergency service personnel have on our lives. Once again, thank you for your efforts to keep our citizens safe.”

New RCMP detachment commander introduced at council meeting:

The formal introduction of the new commander of the RCMP City detachment in Swift Current took place during the regular council meeting, April 6.

Staff Sgt. Evan Gordon attended the council meeting and provided council members with information about his background and previous positions in the RMCP before his recent appointment as the new detachment commander in Swift Current.

He grew up in Saskatchewan and is from the town of Churchbridge. He has 17 years service with the RCMP. His previous four postings as a police officer were in two different provinces.

He worked in British Columbia in the communities of Fort Nelson and Prince George. Thereafter he was transferred to Saskatchewan, where he was stationed in Kamsack and most recently in Morse, where he held the position of detachment commander.

“In my service I've been lucky enough to do general duty policing, which a municipal contract is definitely the backbone of the detachment,” he said. “I've had the opportunity to be part of a major crimes unit. I've also been part of Aboriginal policing, and my last nine years have been in a supervisory/management function prior to coming to Swift Current municipal detachment. So I feel that my background suits me or will afford me a good experience for the position of your detachment commander.”

He obtained a diploma in criminal justice at Lethbridge College. He is married and is the father of two children. The family lived in the town of Herbert while he worked at the RCMP detachment in Morse.

“We're all very excited to be in Swift Current,” he said. “To be quite honest with you, the southwest corner of the province was not an area of the province that I was very familiar with other than having driven through frequently while going to school in Lethbridge. When we had the opportunity to come to Morse, we took it and I don't think we could have found a better corner of the province than the southwest corner.”

He added that the relocation to Swift Current will be easy for the entire family, because they had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time in Swift Current while they lived in Herbert.

“So we're comfortable with the city and really do enjoy it,” he said. “Just yesterday my wife remarked to me how different a transfer this is, because she really doesn't have to make any new friends, she doesn't have to uproot the kids, she doesn't have to learn where the best place is to get pork chops or where to take the kids to dentist appointments, things like that. And certainly, I agree with her. It certainly is nice to have that familiarity.”

Mayor Al Bridal welcomed Gordon to the city and he expressed appreciation towards Sgt. Kelly Guider for his service as acting detachment commander over several months. Councillor John Wall also welcomed Gordon to his new home.

“Welcome to Swift Current,” he said. “It's the best city in Saskatchewan and I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. So welcome.”

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