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The partnership between the City of Swift Current and the Elmwood Golf Club is set to be strengthened as a result of a decision at a council meeting.

Councillors voted in support of two motions at a regular council meeting on Sept. 8 to formalize the existing relationship between the City and the Elmwood Golf Club.

The one motion formally recognizes the Elmwood Golf Club as an official committee of council and the other motion appointed Councillor Ryan Plewis to represent council on the golf club’s board.

Councillors will serve on various boards and committees within the community. The appointment of council members to the different boards and committees will usually take place at the beginning of the year or when there are vacancies.

This decision to have a council representative on the Elmwood Golf Club board is a result of a recent letter from the club’s board president, Jerrod Schafer.

He requested that the club board be recognized as an official committee of City council and he formally invited a council representative to return to the board. In previous years there was a council representative on the Elmwood Golf Club board.

Mayor Denis Perrault believes it makes sense to have council represented on the golf club’s board, because the City owns the land where the golf course is located.

“A couple of years ago the Elmwood board has been going through some changes and I know they're going through some more changes this year,” he said during a media briefing after the council meeting. “They're looking at some governance changes, they got new members, there's this revitalization that's happened with quite a bit more internal fundraising as well as work to do, some volunteer hours. So I think that's what we're seeing and it was at their request for us not to have a board member two years ago and it's at their request now to bring one back.”

The existing partnership between the City and Elmwood Golf Club includes a financial agreement. In 2014 the City entered into an agreement with the golf club to provide financial assistance through a construction line of credit for major renovations at the golf course.

In 2017 the City’s construction line of credit was changed into a long-term financing arrangement. This allowed the Elmwood Golf Club to start to repay the City the amount of $2.9 million plus interest.

“We have a financial interest and it is a true partnership,” Perrault said. “It's a very interesting one and it's one that I'm very proud of, and I want to see the Elmwood course be successful. I'm grateful to see a resurgence in very top quality board members that want the same thing. They're willing to serve, they're willing to go out and do volunteer hours at their course, they're willing to do fundraising. So it's a real change in philosophy for that group and I was very excited when I received that request from the current co-chair, Jerrod Schafer.”

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