One of the reasons why children’s camps are so successful is that everyone is put on equal footing. Whether you come from an affluent home or a destitute background, the outdoors doesn’t care. Who can adapt, who wants to learn skills not found in the city or maybe even the farm and who will take the leadership reigns and talk openly?

In a way, the pandemic has put all of us on the same footing. We may have different roles, but we are all on the same boat. Whether you make six or seven figures in annual salary or you are in debt, the virus plays no favourites and how we react to difficult situations and what our motivation is is what is causing so much angst out there. 

When the affects of the pandemic started to hit in February, there was a lot of uncertainty and in some cases, panic.  It was unprecedented: all of the amazing, mind numbing technology which has been produced, strides we have made in medicine, and how relatively strong the overall economies are, COVID-19 coronavirus came and it hampered our ability to function.

Hence whether the great divide begins. Undoubtedly we are all suffering COVID fatigue, i.e. we are all tired of the affects of the pandemic. Loss of a viable economy; sociability and major isolation have caused a lot of damage psychologically and economically for many people. 

So what to do? There are those who don’t want the economy to be any more adversely affected than it already has. Make some adjustments to going out in public such as businesses and schools and it will be fine. 

World Health Organization has been relatively silent having left it up to countries and their medical teams to handle it. There hasn’t been a lot of discussion about it with world news agencies or if it has, it hasn’t got a lot of attention or play because everyone is concerned about what is going on in their own back yard.

In the United States it has been nothing short of disastrous with 6.17 million people contracting it and over 187,000 deaths as of Sept. 4.

In Canada there have been 131,000 cases, with 116K recovered and 9,140 deaths.

Alberta: 14,310 cases, 12,653 recovered and 242 deaths.

Saskatchewan: 1,634 cases, 1,574 recovered and 24 deaths.

Proponents of getting back to status quo have said that people will die anyway so we should just try to get back to normal. Those in the extreme say they will not wear masks (protest in Med. Hat recently); images of violence, rage and firearms protesting having to wear a mask are on social media. 

On the other side, people are angry at those who have a death wish to themselves and others for not taking the pandemic seriously until a cure is found. 

You got to surmise that one way or the other litigation is soon to follow and our overly jammed judicial system may get worse.

With government trying to placate both sides of the fence, stress has followed as both sides are complaining about the other as finger are pointed using comparison of different countries, provinces, cities and areas within those provinces…cities even.

And why? Because there was no equal footing other than the virus itself. The way people/government chose to react to it is the reason for the panic and angst. Unlike our aforementioned camps where everyone is equal, there was no plan, no communication and nothing which connected the global village together. Sure, there has been some wonderful work done by individual governments and organizations in ensuring pandemic numbers haven’t soared worse than they have but if there would’ve been one base way to treat, handle the pandemic through some sort of guidelines which the governments could implement, this would’ve been in check so much better. 

As a result, the U.S./Canada border is closed and provincial governments and businesses are trying to figure out to jumpstart their economies while trying to figure out what other jurisdictions are doing. It is a big mess.

No matter how you look at it, without your health, you have nothing. And without a clear succinct approach by the so-called global health organization you have even less.

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