Apparently there was an S.O.S. sent out from a ship in trouble on or near the parliament buildings. While the ship was slowly sinking, at least 13 of the crew were seen swimming away quickly to avoid being pulled under by the impending under-tow! 

One of many problems causing Liberal members to never again want to ever crew a Liberal owned ship is the Admiral Mark Norman court case. It seems that captain Justin and first mate Gerald Butts steered the ship onto the rocks again, this time with dire results. Trying hard to get Norman to walk the plank and take a hit for some more political interference centred around tendering for ship building had a familiar, pathetic ring to it. Especially since Norman was singled out from 73 others; obviously another vindictive play by Trudeau! The case was so poor, the crown prosecutor stayed the proceedings once the truth came out!

One of the first 13 to abandon ship was the highly regarded, retired general, Andrew Leslie. He was so fed up with the Liberals, he was going to testify on behalf of Norman. Trudeau, was willing to pay for the legal expenses for Leslie but not a penny to cover Norman’s legal fees which were approaching $500,000! Then, trying to avoid further damage; he decided to take a 1/2 million dollars of our tax money to pay Norman; hoping to avoid being sued as well. No wonder Scott Brinson bailed early, trying to avoid his part in the  debacle! And we thought the atrocious behaviour toward Jody W.R., Jane Phillpott and Selena Chavannes would be hard to beat! Not a penny out of Trudeau’s pocket. Are we finally tired of the millions wasted from our earnings to cover one screw up after another? Time for a change?

China continues to whittle away at Canada, causing billions of dollars lost due to the Liberal inept handling when they arrested and detained, China’s dear Ms. Meng, now awaiting deportation to the U.S.A.  Trudeau remains in unfathomable chaos, not even replacing our ambassador after trashing John McCallum for calling a spade, a spade. 

China has suspended pork, canola, peas and $2 billion worth of soy bean imports and I see no end for that or the Canadians being held as hostages. Trudeau’s answer for almost everything; throw millions of dollars at Canadian businesses harmed and hope they have short memories at election time. Same program for our steel workers he screwed by allowing U.S. illegal tariffs to continue as part of his badly flawed trade negotiations.

As his ship sinks and his crew scatters to try to avoid wearing his enigmatic dilemmas, the egocentric Trudeau spends his time and millions of our hard earned tax dollars trying to bribe his way onto a seat in the U.N. security Council. That old boy’s club, paralyzed by vetos on most votes by Russia and China is beyond anything more than useless debate and total inaction! 

His other pass-time is now selecting judges and senators from a special Liberal donation list that even includes what sized lawn signs they displayed during elections! It appears he owns  the full support of elections Canada as well, whenever a fix is required!

In closing, I find it most interesting that SNC Lavalin is scaling back operations in 15 countries after showing some recent losses. Could it be that being unable to bribe their way to over-inflated bids, having a terrible reputation and having to play by the same rules as everyone else makes it much harder to do business? 

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