It’s not that I am so damn smart; but that the Liberals are so arrogant.

That makes it easy for me to appear to have moments of genius, always at their expense.

Constantly painting themselves into a corner; they predictably play the same, lame game, using meaningless, repetitive superficial non-answers.

Life is wonderful, they claim, as they brag loudly of disasters they say were accomplishments. They are masters of ignoring the bad and dumping their nasty leftovers onto Provinces, municipalities, the judicial and health care systems and Canadians at large.

They flaunted the so called new trade deal with the U.S.A. and Mexico’s as the best accomplishment of all time. The stark facts are that there are still tariffs on our steel and aluminum. We can’t do a trade deal with China or another country without their approval.

As I predicted, they sold out our farmers. Of course they will add billions of dollars to our deficit to bribe them to still vote Liberal.

I could continue with their failures list, but why should I? You see, we really don’t have a trade deal at all. The whole paper exchange was nothing more than a letter of intentions, good and bad. It  won’t even be voted on by the Americans until sometime next year. And there is certainly little chance it will pass at that time given their dysfunctional way of governing. How can the Liberals  keep inordinately bragging about such a nothing burger.

The Liberal legal pot day arrived. To no one’s surprise, the rush to bring it on  created a horde of crisis that were never necessary. Supplies are maddeningly short. Selection is poor. Thousands of conflicting rules and regulations abound. The medical side, a huge part of it all, has been completely ignored. And that includes the absolute fact that young Canadians ages 12 to 25 will sustain permanent brain damage, depression, attempts at suicide and learning disorders.  

There was no thought that one in 10 will be addicted.

Some very good research reveals that Canadian motor vehicle related deaths will increase by 10% or about 120 per year. Serious injuries will increase by about 9,600. Thanks to Trudeau’s “Happy Times Are Here Party-Hardy Time”program, Canadians can now drive while drunk, stoned and doing a real poor job of texting, all at once! And our youth from ages 16 to 34 will be most heavily involved with attention span issues for every one in six, vs. one in ten for adults. School drop outs will rise along with testicular cancer, messed up babies and pregnancies. Work opportunities will drop accordingly as insurance rates sky-rocket.

Legal pot was highly taunted by Liberal spin doctors as the end of criminal activity in the drug trade. But with the drastic shortage of legal dispensers and product it will probably increase. A new wrinkle has already been added. Five armed men jumped 4 workers at a legal grow up in Ontario, tied them up, locked them up and stole their possessions. They left the scene with several garbage bags of pot in a stolen car. Hardly a sure sign that legal pot prevents crime.

The RCMP, already drastically understaffed and underpaid, estimate that increased drug testing will be unmanageable! Their labs will be overwhelmed for at least the next four years as demand for tests rise from 550 to 6,400 annually. I can easily predict that already over taxed court systems will continue to dismiss cases by the thousands that cannot be heard in a reasonable time.

As for businesses making millions of dollars on weed; some will, since they will not be harnessed with the billions of dollars tax payers will pay to combat the aforementioned issues and hundreds more I haven’t even mentioned.

We owe this mess  to our wonderful, intransigent Liberal government, so please be sure and let them know how unhappy you are with Trudeau’s cloistered contribution for the betterment of mankind as he fiddles while Canada burns!

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