Be very aware of the spin from the spin doctors; even more so as the federal election draws near. The Liberals will do everything in their power to try to turn their many failures into what they want us to believe were masterful feats; all of course for our benefit. In the midst of it all, stay focused and be prepared to castigate them, in spite of their proclaimed, deceptive illusions. Be not steered away from their tyranny, turmoil and domineering, paradoxical chants. Stay perplexed, alienated and provoked.

Trudeau has shown us his real colours in many ways. He has a grim, compulsive, obsessive determination to ram his ill prepared ideas down our throats. His brutal retaliation against anyone challenging him and his loss of reality prevail; fuelled by his bumbling, tunnelled vision, save the world, side kick, Gerry Butts. 

Trudeau has rushed into a multitude of agreements in a vain attempt to make us believe that his accomplishments make him the best choice in the pending election. His much flaunted U.S., Mexico, Canada trade agreement will punish Canadians repeatedly. In truth it is a poor deal for everyone involved. A recent C.D Howe report predicts .04% shrinkage in our gross domestic product, with the value of household consumption costing us about 10 billion dollars. Then you can add the massive, unnecessary blunder he made with China that appears to have no end and is causing massive problems throughout our country!

Trudeau has screwed up on his promises to right the many wrongs to the Indigenous community. His trashing of Jody Wilson Raybould will cost him thousands of votes from the more than 600 native communities. Further, Jody will release her book about one month before the election.

Trudeau talks of a strong economy; while ignoring the fact that he blew billions of poorly spent dollars to make it appear that way. No mention of the 2,200 jobs lost in June, a peak employment period. He fails to appreciate the fact that cost of living is still top of mind for most Canadians. They remain cash-strapped, and quite concerned about both jobs and the cost of housing. Trudeau’s perceptions just don’t match reality. In fact, Pedro Antunes; chief economist for the Conference Board of Canada, rated the economy as fairly weak over the last half of 2018. 

Every week Trudeau and his affiliates get caught meddling where they are not supposed to go. They just can’t resist trying to interfere with sacred parts of our government that must remain free from their manipulation! Some members of the foreign affairs committee  have requested a study for a possible inquiry into allegations of former diplomats being unduly pressured by Trudeau’s gang. David Mulroney, a former ambassador to China was contacted on direction from the P.M.O. and told to contact Trudeau’s inner circle before he said anything. Another former ambassador, Guy Saint-Jacques, also got the same warning.

As usual, the Liberals hold a majority on the committee. Without fail, the committee will kill the hearing in an attempt to protect another out of bounds Liberal mis-step! Another absurd farce, and believe me I have lost count on those long ago.

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