1. The gang-related shootings in Toronto have the Toronto mayor and police chief at their wits end! They are mostly correct in blaming the judicial system for a large part of the problem. An all too lenient bail system is allowing offenders back on the street to repeat offend. There is no hope of enforcing the inconceivable monitoring required by bail conditions. The entire gong show over-taxes an already overwhelmed judicial system.There are 326 persons charged with firearms offences presently out on bail!

Judges are forced to follow a legal system that must be stiffened to reduce this deplorable situation. Defence lawyers are using it to get their clients the best deal possible and get them back on the streets. They then also benefit by getting more repeat customers. That rounds out my take on the pistol packing, murdering gang members, the judges and the lawyers. Gutless politicians who could create some realistic laws to curb the problem are scared of losing votes whichever way they lean.

Now I’ll deal with the illegal gun side of the issue. Every hand gun used to kill and wound is obtained illegally and illegally in the hands of the shooter. The Liberal supported anti-gun lobby would love to take away every legally owned gun in Canada; which has nothing to do with the real problem. If Toronto has a gun problem, then let Toronto  ban guns; if it makes them feel better. But please, leave the rest of us out of it. 

2. A man who praised ISIS and was found to be a danger to Canadian security has been ordered released from custody  by a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada!  Othman Hamdan, was let into Canada from the USA in 2002 and granted refugee protection in 2004.  He praised lone wolf attacks, promoted the Islamic State, disseminated instructions on how to commit attacks and appeared fascinated with extreme violence! In 2017 he was somehow acquitted of terrorism related charges by the B.C. Supreme court. I am most frustrated by the extraordinary disarray and failure of obligation by every part of an entrusted “system” that  should protect us from the likes of him.

3. Our city streets and shelters are littered with newcomers to Canada. Trudeau has allowed them to wander into Canada with immunity, skipping proper procedures while those trying to conform are left out due to an out of control back-log. His unbridled, short-sighted  system and harbouring of persistent, self-destructive ideals continues to elude reality. Our provinces and cities endue the brunt as they struggle while Trudeau champions allowing the system to be manipulated by thousands more.

A recent study from Ottawa covered 61 communities, all with serious issues. That study reckoned that 14% of the homeless were newcomers to Canada.  

Trudeau’s irksome, mis-construed obligation and lack of planning continues to perpetuate many problems while he remains in dominating denial. Canada  needs a real government to intercede, stop the turmoil  and bring our country back to equilibrium! 

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