There has been an ever increasing list of Liberal indifferences to our Canadian Armed Forces! The latest one, was the speech given by Trudeau on the Normandy beach 75 years after thousands of Canadian soldiers landed there to free occupied Europe from Nazi occupation. Trudeau claimed he understood the tremendous bravery combined with the horrific losses. He claimed he really cared, while being so clueless he used Canadian’s hard earned dollars to produce video to commemorate the landings;,….. wait for it ,…..  showing only the Nazi army, our bitter enemies in action!. Pretty boy has, at best only a vague comprehension of what our armed forces suffered then and continue to suffer today due to his lack of any real regard for their plight.

My mind immediately flashed back to what I knew about Trudeau’s father during WW2. While one million young Canadians volunteered for service, Pierre stayed comfortably at home. Archives he kept hidden in his basement were damning to say the least.

 He was a right wing Quebec nationalist, with a high degree of tolerance for the most vicious anti-Semitic tirades and an outspoken admiration for authoritarian regimes. He even flirted with the idea of fomenting a revolution to build a “Catholic, French and corporatist” society modelled on fascist regimes. He was appallingly indifferent to the horrors of the Nazi regime and stood by as the war raged on.

 He also spoke at a rally against conscription along side fascist sympathizers. In 1944 at the age of 25, he admired the writings of notorious French anti-semite Charles Maurras and blamed the war on England claiming it was based on “false” principles against Hitler! And now we  are expected to endure the jaundiced words of his son, pretending he understood the sacrifices and valour of Canadian troops. Who did he think he was kidding!

Trudeau’s government bureaucracy and his top general, Vance ,who just got a nice raise for taking the fall on the Mark Norman fiasco, also took the hit for the insult directed to families of fallen soldiers from Afghanistan. They were betrayed by the decision to privately dedicate a memorial by being locked out of the proceedings! And that; while the Liberals spent the week blaming everyone else for the Mark Norman fiasco. When things go inevitably, horribly wrong; a Liberal trait we see often is somebody always getting thrown under the bus. 

The total of 155 suicides by vets, has mostly gone unnoticed by Trudeau and his “FIVE” Ministers of Defence in the last four years. Another example of Liberal indifference has surfaced during the issue of compensation for Capt. Kimberly Fawcett who lost her bid for disability benefits stemming from a terrible traffic accident that took the life of her son and caused her the loss of a leg. She went to Liberal Minister, Bill Blair three years ago, asking for help and was turned away. Although her trip was sanctioned by her commanding officer and part of an approved military-mandated family care plan, she was denied her benefits! She is quitting the Air Force to run for the Conservatives in the pending federal election in an effort to fight for the rights of all Canadian armed forces, both serving and retired. 

The serious issue of sexual and other abuse within the Canadian Armed Forces continues unchecked after four years of Liberal promises to make it right. The Trudeau government and their fall guy, General Vance, remain both clueless and indifferent!

Yes, I did choke back my urge to puke as I painfully contemplated Justin’s less than honest, pretend to be contrite, flowery speech at Normandy. I’m sure many thousands of Canadians and armed forces persons were harbouring the same exasperated response after enduring so many demeaning experiences! 

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