We are (hopefully) walking towards the end of a global pandemic. This was a challenging time for all Albertans, but the brunt of the challenge fell on our healthcare workers. 

They bravely donned masks, gowns, face shields, and the like to care for us, the members of their community, knowing the full consequences of coming into contact with a deadly, highly viral disease. Our nurses are still fighting daily to help us make it to the other side of this grim time. 

They have held the hands of worried patients, and consoled the families of lost loved ones. It is unbearable to think that their passion and dedication is being rewarded with a potential pay cut. 

It is deplorable that their efforts are not being acknowledged as anything less than a fundamental piece of why Alberta is able to have some semblance of normalcy at this time. Albertans demand better for our nurses.

Lindsey Baird


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