The civic and provincial elections are coming up in Saskatchewan. For many people, elections are source of pride and honour as they do their best to help contribute to the wellbeing of their respective communities. 

Everyone has their own specific reasons to run for office. Those who do should be commended for wanting to contribute to their community. It takes a lot of time and commitment and living in southwest Sask. and people knowing each other like they do, it doesn’t take long to understand through personal and professional relationship how much time and commitment being on a municipal or education council takes considering there is a lot going on with families or employment. 

As inspiring and commendable it is for those to put their name up in these elections coming up less than a month away, it is alarming to hear some of the internal squabbles on social media amongst different camps. 

While a media agency doesn’t report on rumours or second stories, there is a lot out there that one sees scrolling different social media sources. It’s not difficult to find. 

One can argue this just another form of coffee table talk gossip — just modernized. The trouble is that doesn’t make it justified. In one of the southwest elections, there are reports of candidates not liking each other to extreme measures i.e. name-calling. 

The point is, it is out there and all of this does is erode an innocent bystander’s view of not only those questioned candidates but of the election itself. 

Question policies, opponent’s views on a variety of topic but candidates need to leave the personal animosities out. If you are really running for office to serve your community, then the motivation for wanting to win is not to be self serving or revenge-initiated.

Best wishes to all of those with the best interest of their communities and school boards in mind.

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