It’s been a busy couple of months since the historic electoral victory for our United Conservative Party on April 16. From setting up two constituency offices, getting equipped to navigate the hustle and bustle of life as an MLA in Edmonton, participating in what has become quite the marathon of a session, and attending various community events in all parts of the riding, there has been no lack of things to do or places to be!

We started the session by introducing Bill 1: The Carbon Tax Repeal Act. We continued with honouring our platform commitments through introducing legislation to make Alberta open for business, lower the corporate tax rate and lessen the red-tape burden on job creators and everyone in between. After that, we followed through on a number of other platform commitments, including but not limited to municipal tax reform, the proclamation of Education Act, introducing the Royalty Guarantee Act, as well as the Senatorial Selection Act.

I am proud of what our government has accomplished in such a short time. I have sat in the legislature as electoral promises became law and sat in admiration of the grandeur of the chamber itself. Every single day that I have the opportunity to sit, let alone speak, in the Chamber as the MLA for Brooks-Medicine Hat is a true blessing.

I am encouraged to know that, with this new level of decorum and productivity put forward by our government, there is still more legislation to come that will empower job creators, strengthen Alberta’s place in the federation and get Alberta back on track from the last four years of overspending, poor management and government overreach.

In sum, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the MLA for Brooks-Medicine Hat. Whether you helped to elect me, are a new supporter, or even if you didn’t vote for me at all, I will continue to advocate for you, listen to you and get to know your story. You all have a unique perspective that I am happy to hear. My door is open and the coffee is always on.

Promise made, promise kept.

Michaela Glasgo is MLA (UCP) for Medicine Hat-Brooks constituency.

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