To wear or not to wear, that is the question…

If you don’t think the debate about wearing facial masks meant to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, just go on Twitter, type in #masks and be prepared to become confused on what is real and what isn’t. 

Rightly or wrongly, everyone has an angle; has a motivation. Both sides of the opinion of… to wear or not to wear … are armed with a barrage of expert statistics, quick-witted jokes meant to insult and embarrass or unleash desperate pleas of anger and raw emotion which are meant to educate but to critics are often seen as guilt trips. 

It seems simple: wear the mask to help stop emmitting the tiny droplets we all breath out and for those who are unknowingly carrying the virus, not infecting anyone else. 

But as such in today’s society, we manage to complicate it. Severely complicate it to the point of unbelievable. Imagine before how all of this gradually played out and of all the controversy that the public needed to pick up masks usually found worn by medical or dental professionals or by farmers who are shovelling grain or spraying chemicals. 

Sadly, a simple issue about wearing masks has unmasked what ails society. Too many complications, too much self-righteousness and too much individualism and refusal to see what is for the greater good because of differing opinions.

Individual freedom/choice versus what the ‘experts’ in government or health are saying in Canada. One can’t even say in government as they are fighting each other.

In Missoula Montana, Missoula County Health has approved a motion where anyone over the age of 12 has to wear a face mask while inside a public area. Even in the state of Georgia, individual urban municipalities are ignoring Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, and are mandating face masks. Those in government say the 

We have made it a legal issue. There’s no denying the impact the debate of wearing these masks are making. Besides the numerous videos of indignant people who go into places of business only to be turned away because they refuse to wear a mask because it is against their constitutional rights. 

I have seen a few lawyers on Twitter who have seriously suggested that wearing masks and all the legal ramifications of wearing vs. not wearing one or even forcing others to wear a mask should be a law school course. 

Or if you are a business owner or or are hosting a public event, can you refuse someone who refuses to wear a mask because it is a matter of not want to be forced by government to doing anything. 

Does it come down to police enforcing it, who are already feeling the pressure due to gotcha video violence?

Apparently if you are looking for a profession, civil rights law may have a slight demand in the future.

There are the complications involving individual freedoms and the enforcement of something which has never been enforced to this extent in recent memory. 

We can’t even get away from society’s need for commercialism when trying to do something which is supposed to promote health. Some are made by volunteers with the best intentions for health care workers. Then there are others which displaying designer labels one Tweet said: “Masks…make it fashion! #wearingiscaring,” advertising sports teams, and featuring belligerent phrases. There are innovative ones which see through plastic so you can watch someone’s lips move while he/she is talking. You can even pick one up getting your drive-through Timmie’s, McDonald’s Big Mac or A&W root beer and onion rings. 

There are videos properly telling you how to wear them but apparently not enough videos telling people how to dispose of them as many are ending up discarded on the ground in parks, outside buildings anywhere. 

There are those on the other side of the fence who are religiously wearing masks due to working in the medical profession and have seen firsthand the damage the virus can do or who have lost someone to COVID-19 or perhaps is or has a loved one who is immune-system compromised. Don’t want to take any chances which is something people still believe is like a flu on steroids.

All of these complications and tangled webs combined have been a lightning rod for debate and criticism. 

We may have millions of dollars of damage done by the weather in Alberta, monthly federal government scandals (i.e. WE foundation), the pure ugliness that is the Alberta legislature Question period stemming from a few topics…health, education, labour, sexism, common lack of respect coming from either side of the house) and this year’s $343 billion deficit on this year’s federal budget which will contribute to the $1.2 trillion federal debt forecast for the 2020-21 fiscal year.

But we are still fighting about masks.

The question comes down to this: does one believe that masks stop the spread of COVID-19? 

If you do and you are concerned about yourself or others and you are in public places where there are a lot of people around, then you wear one. 

Those who don’t wear a mask in places of heavy populated places either don’t believe what health officials are saying because they have justly or unjustly criticized, think World Health Organization or even Dr. Theresa Tam Canada's Chief Public Health Officer.

If you think this is all a joke, a bus driver in France is now brain dead after a group of passengers who were refused service because they wouldn’t wear a mask beat him up. 

All of this violence, hatred and just plain, personal venom, over a mask. People believe what they want to believe. They are who they are.

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