In the City of Swift Current, Mayor Denis Perrault has been honking and waving at weekly yellow vest protests.

Along with the federal carbon tax, one of the key talking points of this small group is a United Nations agreement, which is being used as a dog whistle to stoke fear about immigration. That declaration created two non-binding international agreements: one for refugees (Global Compact on Refugees) and one for migrants (the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration).

According to Swift Current Online, Mayor Perrault's intentions were more friendly, rather than political.

"I'm proud to live in a country that embraces the freedom of speech," Perrault via a text message. "With all of the protests across Canada we can see that our nation's unity is at an all-time low... I'm hopeful that the current federal leaders acknowledge these messages and work to bring our country back as a united one."

Instead of honking horns in tacit support, we need a strong defence of immigration, multiculturalism and the value of newcomers. After all, Swift Current has pledged to have 25 thousand people by 2025.

The yellow vest movement began as an anti-austerity protest in France, but has morphed into something much uglier in Canada.

It's time for the mayor, councillors, MLAs, MPs, and fellow human beings, to speak up and expose these yellow vesters, and celebrate the success of settlement in our region.

Joseph Donnelly, R.M. of Excelsior

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