This letter is in response to John Barlow’s letter printed in the May 17, 2019 issue of the Prairie Post.  I agree with Mr. Barlow’s viewpoint on Canadian callers not being able to reach a Government agent and that this issue clearly needs to be addressed.  It is frustrating to not be able to reach the Government Agency you are calling, and I have even received a recorded message that basically says, “we are too busy right now, call again at another time” and then the call is terminated.  I do hope that now this issue has been brought out in the open that there will be some improvement.

However, I have another thing I would like to say to Mr. Barlow.  I find it disturbing that an MP of this country refers to our Prime Minister simply as “Trudeau”.  Whether you agree with his policies or are a member of his party is irrelevant.  He is still the Prime Minister of Canada and should be referred to as: Prime Minister Trudeau or at the very least Mr. Trudeau.  The blatant way this letter was written takes away from the content of which it was intended.  This letter is highly disrespectful of our Prime Minister, especially coming from an elected Member of Parliament.

Christa Reich

Milk River AB 

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