Let us go back five years or so when the PCs were the governing party in Alberta and according to them the fiscally responsible party. What did Alberta Health Services (AHS) under the ruling Conservatives do. They wanted to cancel the contract of Dynalife, a private lab company providing services for Edmonton and Northern Alberta. They wanted to award this contract to another private company from Australia, Sonic Healthcare, as presumably they were better than any Canadian company.

Then AHS also hired an Australian as head honcho as apparently they could not find one person to do this job out of 30 million Canadians. What they failed to realize from reading his resume was that he also liked cookies. So after being in the job for a few months he went into Tim’s and purchased a $2 cookie. Next thing you know he can’t talk to reporters. “I’m eating my cookie,” he told them. AHS promptly fired the guy, which cost $1 million in a buyout.

Tim Hortons cookie – $2. Head honcho – $1,000,000.

You do the math.

If you want to feel like a million bucks go to Tim’s and buy a $2 cookie.

John Beaven

Medicine Hat

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