Having Ezra Levant and Rebel Media going to all the expense and trouble of putting up the huge “Fire Shannon Phillips” billboard between Leduc and Edmonton seems further confirmation that my MLA/Environment Minister, Shannon Phillips, and Premier Notley have the right priorities, are doing the right things and are on the right track heading in the right direction.

So what’s all this Levantian anti NDP trupcumpoopery?

Levant says, “We’re not a third-party advertiser. We’re journalists with an editorial opinion, so we’re fighting the legitimacy of that (elections) censorship law.” They are not journalists and this billboard, though it clearly expresses an “opinion,” is certainly not an “editorial.” Actual journalists (ideally) gather and report actual information. “Editorials” (ideally) are informed analysis of information available.

“Opinions” are beliefs or judgments that, ideally, should be subject to modification or alteration as further evidence and information is acquired. Those who stubbornly “stick to,” “hold fast” or “stand by” their opinions, even in the face of irrefutable proof that their opinions are flawed, have made a determination to cease learning.

I’ve supported Shannon Phillips since she first became a candidate for Lethbridge West. I know her to be sincere, trustworthy, dedicated and quite willing to listen attentively to the ideas and opinions of others. I’ve been paying close attention to Levant’s activities since the mid ’90s, much longer than I’ve known Shannon. I’ve seen little evidence that Levant’s opinions, world view, or attitude and behaviour towards those with whom he disagrees has evolved or matured noticeably since 1995. 

The Rebel Media website and Levant’s anti-NDP billboard touts exposes little more than hateful claptrap, closed mindedness and partially informed concretized intractable opinion.

Gordon McFarlane


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