The federal government is allowing air travel in and out of Canada, including to and from Covid-19 devastated nations like Brazil. Other than the travel-related industries, particularly the airlines, I’d say there’s no real benefit from such liberty.  

I believe that when the coronavirus crisis began, big business was the most influential voice to have the ear of government, when it should have been the independent health-sciences community. Thus the result was resistance against an immediate halt in travel, including international flights — weeks of delay that may have translated into many additional and needless COVID-19 deaths. 

When the Covid-19 crisis is over, the same common yet questionable refrain may still prevail among capitalist nation governments and corporate circles, perhaps even left as neglectful of human-health needs as before (which had resulted in the many horrible Covid-19 long-term care-home deaths): Best business practices, including what's best for the consumers, are best decided by business decision-makers.  

And our government(s) too often fail to intervene, perhaps out of fear of being labelled ‘anti-business’ in our avidly capitalist culture. 

Frank Sterle Jr. 

White Rock, B.C.

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Frank Sterle Jr.

Though I don’t know about Britain, both American and Canadian governances generally maintain thinly veiled yet firm ties to large corporations and the very wealthy. It’s as though our elected heads — typically fearful of being labelled ‘anti-business’ in our avidly capitalist culture — are meant to represent big money interests over those of the working citizenry and poor. I believe it is basically why those powerful huge-money interests generally resist the implementation of proportionally representative electoral systems of governance, the latter which tends to dilute corporate lobbyist influence on consecutive governments. Accordingly, major political decisions will normally foremost reflect what is in Big Money’s best interests.

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