(Re: Your article on Swift Current Public Transit Service in Prairie Post, Jan. 25, 2019)

According to your article, the City of Swift Current is assessing the service of the local Public Transit System at present, as it has been doing from time to time. As a result of a previous assessment, the service of the "Blue Line" has been reduced from running until 6 p.m. to the Meadows, a Care Home for the Elderly and Infirm, to now just running until 3 p.m. 

This is a severe reduction of service to those seniors and others, who don't own a car or don't drive anymore, when they visit their loved ones or friends at the Meadows. The result is that the City of Swift Current is saving $500 a month. 

At the other hand, the service for local high school students has been increased, mostly able-bodied, healthy young people who can easily walk or take their bicycles in summer or use their own or their parents' cars. 

The reduction of services happened on the back of the seniors, just exactly how the Province of Saskatchewan acted when it eliminated the Saskatchewan Transportation Company in 2017. 

The seniors are exactly the people who have lived here all their lives, worked and paid their taxes, raised their families, bought their groceries, voted for local and provincial administrations - who made the city and the province relatively prosperous and who maintain the quality of our lives here. 

The slogan of the City of Swift Current is "Where life makes sense" ... How does this make sense? Is it because the High School students might be future voters? 

Ingrid Lamp, Swift Current

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