So today, Saturday December 15, I and 23 others did something.

Among over 100 plus communities and thousands of proud patriots across the country, we wore our yellow vests and rallied against the Carbon Tax and the Trudeau Governments unilateral decision to sign onto the United Nations Global Compact Migration Pact. It was a peaceful rally. A fun rally. A rally that received plenty of supportive honking and thumbs up! Even the wind could do nothing to discourage our love of country. I anticipate this movement will continue to grow in the coming weeks.

One Facebook group “Yellow Vests Canada” created just over a week ago has already ballooned to 71,377 members as I write this letter. Even more amazing, the same page grew from 58,000 to 71,377 in just 4? hours!

The Carbon Tax is pretty self-explanatory. A tax that does absolutely nothing to solve or address the issue of climate change in any tangible way. It might make some feel good about themselves but in no way makes a positive tangible difference.

What it is doing and will do is make the cost of living more expensive for everyone and discourage economic growth and future investment. The Carbon Tax is nothing but a blatant tax grab based on a pseudo moral outrage.

The United Nations Global Compact on Migration is an entirely different matter. It’s an issue few people are informed about.

“It’s a clear step by the global elites and the Trudeau government to wipe out Canada’s borders, and push our nation further in the direction of being a ‘post-national state,’ where Citizenship, borders, and democracy are stripped of all meaning.” (Spencer Fernando). They say this agreement is not legally binding. Neither is the Paris Climate Accord. Like all slippery slopes, any UN agreement is a precedent setting global moral authority that allows a governed to “excuse” their decisions like a Carbon Tax of Forced Migration.

We have heard it all before when the Federal Government claims it is our responsibility as a country to meet our “obligations.” Obligations Canadians never had a say about.

There are many reasons the Trudeau Liberals were elected. They were not elected to sign away Canada's sovereignty; the power of the people.

Those of us who participate in these rallies are not against immigration. WE are for safe, secure, regulated immigration that our country can economically sustain. We are for immigration that encourages cultural integration not transformation. We are for merit based immigration.  Migration is not a human right. It must be a privilege that is earned and honoured. No government Liberal, Conservative or otherwise has the right to sign away every citizens right to have a say.

Oh Canada We Stand On Guard For Thee

Stacey Ellertson, Swift Current

A Proud Canadian Patriot

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Debora Voll

Very well-said Stacey!

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