I can say that most Albertans are ashamed of the disgusting Greta decal that made news recently and that it reflects not only on Alberta but all of Canada.

I also advocate and I learned that when one stands in front of the line they put a target on their back. I learned this because I’ve advocated for many political issues in other provinces. In time I learned just how big that target was going to be in Alberta.

My advocacy in Alberta is about service dogs. I advocate for better public access and the human rights of people with disabilities that utilize service dogs. I’ve had my share of attacks toward me and about me.

I’ve been attacked and insulted by people that do not understand service dogs or invisible disabilities. I’ve been attacked by the very people I am trying to help and my work has nothing to do with me. I already have a service dog and I also have public access rights through government appeals and human rights cases. But the worst was when a former Alberta MLA told me the government police were going to come and put me and Annie in a straitjacket.

So when we have government officials in Alberta attacking advocates it’s not that far of a stretch to have it in our society.

Does Greta, myself or any other advocate deserve the darts being thrown at us? No.

No matter what the advocate’s cause is, they have a right to do advocate for it.

I will close with the most important fact that people fail to recognize. Every benefit you have, every labour law, or holiday you enjoy and every human right you have always started with one person: “The advocate.”

Greta, on behalf of many Albertans I want to apologize and please be the voice for too many that are silent.

Lester Landry

Redcliff, Alta.

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