Do not drink the NDP Kool-Aid. Ms. Notley would have you believe the greatest threat to universal health care is the privatization of select services. The reality is Bill 1 is the greatest threat. Alberta currently spends $2.4 million every hour, every day, on services that, according to the most recent stats on both a national and global level, are less than ideal. In fact, wait times for a variety of referrals and surgeries have grown.

Throughout the world several countries, 27 to be exact, provide universal care using more efficient models. Our mistake lies in conflating universal health care with public health care. If, as polls indicate, Albertans truly believe in care for all, it is incumbent on all electorate and party candidates to research alternative models. Reacting to rhetoric and fear-mongering does us all an injustice and threatens the health-care ideal we strive for.

Barbara Pasternak

Medicine Hat

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